Daddy, where are you?

“Daddy, where are you?” These are heart wrenching words for the fathers with children too young to understand why their Daddy has been torn out of their lives. The question doesn’t get easier with time. Kyle Fitzsimons is one such father who has had a hard time telling his little girl who is curious to know where her Daddy is when she asks him over the phone. What do you say to the little girl [...]

Patriot Mail Project Christmas Drive

Last year's Christmas drive was a great success and the J6 families were extremely grateful. With the breadwinner in jail or having lost their job, families will be facing a grim Christmas unless we keep that from happening. No one left behind. No one forgotten! Sponsors and J6 families alike can sign up at You can also use this qrcode. Thank you on behalf of the J6  families.    

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Terry Lindsey – Another Patriot is Jailed

Mail Call Terry Lindsey No one left behind! We have just be made aware of Terry being incarcerated in FCI Milan. He was sentenced 7/15/22 to five months of incarceration, 36 months of probation, 60 hours of community service, $500 restitution. He really needs mail since he is a new addition to our list. If you learn about any J6er not being on our lists, please let us know on PMP's site or email Paula at [...]

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