Thanks to MAGAMOUSE, three families were highlighted in our last post. Of course, there are lots of other families suffering in the same manner. Not only do they have financial difficulties, but they also have the hard ache to explain to their children why Daddy is not home especially to the little ones. Some babies have not even seen their dad since their birth which happened after they were taken from their home like in the case of Zach Rehl. Other families have teenagers and older children and though they do not ask the same question, they are still suffering.

Please help these families any way you can and pray for them. The list is not exhaustive, but we will try to update it on regular basis.

Name are added as they are provided by friends and family.

J6er Children Fundraiser
Roberto Minuta One small boy and one small girl fundraiser
Zach Rehl One girl born after he was arrested Fundraiser
Kyle Fitzsimons One little girl Fundraiser
Chris Quaglin One little boy born a few weeks before he was arrested Fundraiser
Jorge Riley Daughter is 1, and 2 boys are 9 and 12 Fundraiser
Christopher Grider 3 little boys Fundraiser
Kyle Young 3 children ages 1 7, 13, 8, and 1 Fundraiser
James McGrew 2 children 18 years old No Fundraiser
Joe Biggs 1 little girl Fundraiser
Masson Courson 1 son age 4 Fundraiser