OP ED – Are WE still THE PEOPLE?

The question is, are WE still THE PEOPLE ? When we look around us at the economic and civil devolution happening in America, who is it that we imagine is coming to save us? Who is going to come charging the gates alone, rescue justice, heal the division, defend liberty and restore the economy and prosperity; who will right the sinking ship of foreign state and restore security in the Homeland? Is there any [...]

OP ED – America: TO BE, or NOT TO BE

AMERICA:  TO BE, OR NOT TO BE… What is it that makes us unique individuals, in experiences and thoughts? How does memory relate to everything we observe around us, the “Reality”, how we interpret our world and other humans? How do our past’s memories shape us in our comprehension of what we see and believe as Real? Research reveals humans are products of accumulated experiences and memories. We are uninformed without them. Societies and Nation [...]

Op-Ed: The Grinch

The GRINCH who stole Freedom Like many Americans, I approach the end of 2023 reflecting on events and efforts to move forwards in a challenging year. And I bet many of you are asking similar questions when you look back Jan 1 of this year. Did America hold, advance or decline in 2023? What is happening to the security, opportunity, Liberty and Freedoms we once so proudly hailed as American birthrights? Has the GRINCH of [...]

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Op-Ed: Truth and consequences

What are the consequences to a free society when all the information they receive is redacted, edited and censored with a political and cultural bias that controls what can be offered as the truth to the public? How can any person understand their place and purpose in a world where every event beyond their immediate vision is filtered to only deliver messages and images that meet a shadowy criterion and projected image? Who crafts these [...]

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Op-Ed: Careful what you ask for

It's been over 34 months since the events of the 2020 election and January 6th, 2021 sparked a growing fissure in the public trust. Those two historic occurrences began public and private debates over facts that still rage unresolved today. Do we the public know enough Truth to make informed decisions about either of those events? Have we seen and heard all the actual facts? Is that insurrection narrative that the mainstream media and the [...]

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Op-Ed: A Matter of Survival: Activating the Patriot gene

There’s a lot of talk about genetics today and how these complex chains of chemicals form the working blueprints for every aspect of our existence. We now know what gene pairs control functions and how broken or damaged segments result in dysfunction and disease in the body and mind. Science has learned how to manipulate and recode these all but invisible blueprints with Crispr and recombinant technologies to prevent and target diseases, anticipate future health [...]

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Op-Ed: : Whom Do They Serve?

“I Pledge Allegiance, to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC, for which it stands, One Nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All ! “ Many Americans today do not understand their Pledge of Allegiance and what making it, sincerely with their hand over their hearts, really means! This simple daily Oath has gone missing from morning dedications of many primary education systems. It’s seldom used to [...]

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Op-Ed: Erasing A History of Lies

How can you tell if our recorded History is a True or a false record of facts? We’ve always heard the adage that “History is written by the Victors!”, yet somehow we still believe our History books and the narratives of its authors as if they had witnessed the thing themselves. What if the victors in these books rewrote their own versions of History, to play the valiant while villainizing and slandering their opposition or [...]

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Op-Ed: Don’t Do Nothing

Today marks the 1019th Day of Terror of the Biden regime's pogrom against January 6th protestors and MAGA supporters Over 2.5 years later, the DOJ and the FBI continue to search for and aggressively arrest citizens who were present at the Capitol on that fateful day. The cost that day, in lives lost (4), in indicted defendants (1186 and counting), in families destroyed, childhoods disrupted and traumatized, businesses and homes lost… there are simply no [...]

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Op-Ed: What’s Your Inmate Number

What has happened to the fullness of Liberty in this country? How did we reach a state of distrust and fear of our authoritative powers? Can we ever regain that feeling, that surety, of the Justice and liberties that we were given to uphold 247 years ago? Have we Broken America? I think many Americans have begun to ask themselves questions just like these as they watch the political landscape blossom like napalm into paralyzing [...]

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