What are the consequences to a free society when all the information they receive is redacted, edited and censored with a political and cultural bias that controls what can be offered as the truth to the public? How can any person understand their place and purpose in a world where every event beyond their immediate vision is filtered to only deliver messages and images that meet a shadowy criterion and projected image? Who crafts these Lies and edited versions of events? Who directs the narratives that the media and state bureaucracies must faithfully parrot? From whence do these perversions of Truth originate? When did the respected fourth estate become a puppet of power, abandoning its holy grail of Journalism for a seat at the tables of globalism?

To be a participant or direct witness to an event is the closest humans can come to objective Truth. Images and recordings of events are a close second, but they can be altered, edited and carefully recreated to make a narrative fit any image. We have seen it happen repeatedly in our own country, but none as obvious as the recent machinations on the two-party battlefield. Few can fail to mark the acceleration of “fake news” and the encroaching bias in reporting across a broad spectrum of media chains. These media empires are owned by a few mogul families who control the tone and tenor of the news with iron fists. But eventually, as George Washington once wrote, “Truth will ultimately prevail where pains are taken to bring it to light. “

The public is beginning to see evidence that few can now deny exposes a corruption of the American body politic and justice system, one that has passed from civil feudalism to outright cultural war. The growing cult of anti-American sentiment that surrounds the more violent progressive movements has alarmed the conservative right. And the violent protests of the left seem to only grow as more truth and evidence about this most recent history of lies comes to light.

Besides the notoriety of the “RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA” hoax and the horrific and indemnifying images and records made public from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, the revelations from the first drop of the tens of thousands of hours of CCTV videos and Body Cams of the events of January 6th are shocking the nation and the world. The images of peaceful protestors respectfully filing through halls have been widely downplayed while the images of defensive violence are painted by association upon all who were there “peacefully and patriotically”. While the hundreds of January 6th defendants convicted have been sentenced to harsh prison terms, home confinement, prolonged probations, loss of civic rights, punitive fees and fines, a band of J6 citizen investigators dissecting the released videos have unmasked the perjuries and lies used by the DOJ to convict many of them. What of these hostages of a false narrative and their lost and destroyed Lives? How will this regime restore them to wholeness and satisfy Dame Justice now that the desperate attempts to portray these citizens as rebellious enemies of the State has fallen flat on the visible evidence?

Investigators are disproving the narrative with cold hard facts, like Steve Baker of The Blaze, who recently revealed the depth of these deceptions in an interview where the perjuries of multiple officers were exposed through careful examination of CCTV footage timestamps that disproved their testimony. Other videos and extensive documentaries from January 6th investigative sites like M5NEWS and STOPHATE have consistently exposed the actual causes of the violence, injuries and protestor’s deaths that day, assembled from cell phone images and DOJ’s own discovery videos. The letters and testimonies of these hostages have been enshrined in blogs and books that are recording their words for posterity and history to analyze. Defendant Jeff McKellop, decorated Ranger and Green Beret, puts a fine point on it after viewing his discovery videos: “There are so many players working with the government. It’s unreal! I’ll give you a number when I get my video out. When you slow the video down, you start to see things. Weird things, people don’t normally do. I tried to tell my legal team about it. They sent me a psychologist!” “ If I could have any two hours of video @ any angle. I will show you people with mil-spec haircuts with ear buds and whisper mics!”

FBI Director Christopher Wray has repeatedly refused to answer congressional queries on the number of FBI and federal agents in the crowd that day, bolstering claims that there is still much about the government’s involvement in the violence that remains hidden and unanswered. How many more revelations of juristic crime and prosecutorial misconduct will be revealed from the remaining tens of thousands of hours of videos? Why have those officers already unmasked in their perjuries not been charged and arrested for these punishable crimes? With all of the deceptions revealed so far, is not the immediate release of those defendants awaiting trials in order, if justice is to be obeyed and all treated as Innocent until PROVEN Guilty? Are not mistrials and dismissals in order for the hundreds of hostages sentenced to deplorable pretrial prison conditions? Shouldn’t they be recompensed for those damaging false convictions that destroyed their lives, families and businesses? What happens if SCOTUS rules against the 1512c obstruction charges that so many are serving time for?

What are the consequences to this free republic of ignoring the truth when it has been so clearly revealed by those who have suffered great pain to bring it to Light? What can we do to better cope with the lies? What are Americans willing to do in order to ensure justice is served for these citizens, in order to ensure that it will faithfully be served for them one day?

Only you can answer that with your own decisions.