Mr Rivers,

First and Foremost I want to Commended and Thank you for all that you and Mrs. Terri do. You both have truly been a Godsend to so many of us and our family’s who have been impacted by January 6th. I’m very proud to have fought beside you on so many issues.

I wanted to ask if you would put a message out to those who support us and Thank all of them for their Love and Support. Their Steadfast Commitment thru all is Something that will never be forgotten.
From the thousands of letters and postcard’s from every corner of the World, the lawyer funds and payment’s, to Give-Send-Go Donations, their participation in Operation Visitation, group chats, telegram’s, The American Gulag Chronicles Letters From Prison, all of the Patriotic Websites started by all of you to share J6 Prisoner’s stories when no one else would, Billboards, Momma Micki’s Nightly Vigil for months on end rain or shine, to the countless hours spent advocating everywhere from Churches to Senate Hall’s, the Ten’s of Thousand of calls to Jail’s and Marshals office’s about the Treatment and Constitutional Violations of J6 Prisoners. This list could truly go on forever as could the outpouring of Love and support we have received.
It also can not going without saying Thank you and We Love you so much to our Family’s who have sacrificed so much right alongside us. We will always Honor you and fight With and for you.

We want everyone to know, all of you are the True hero’s in our eyes.

Together we have made Great Strides and so many of our Goals have been far surpassed because of our ability to Stand Together in the face of Tyranny and Political Oppression. We all Stand for so many common Goal’s, Values, and Moral’s. We Love God, Our Family’s, Our Children’s Future, Our God Given Freedoms and Our Countries continued success as a Free and Prosperous Republic.

I like so many J6’ers look forward to the day when we can Hug, Laugh, Celebrate, and yes even Cry with all of you. We can see this day is getting closer and closer and we must all continue to push forward together in achieving this Victory. Our fight is never over until every J6 Political Prisoner is home and even then we are not done. This is only the beginning of the many Great Things we will do together in the Future. History is watching and the Future is ours to sculpt as did our Forefathers who left us with the Greatest tools. Our Divinely Written Constitution and Bill of Rights. “We The People…”. Wow how Great those words alone.

I look forward to Marching Forward together with all of you and May God Lead Our Voices and Our Charge.

God Bless You All and God Save America

Semper Fi

James McGrew