🇺🇸 LONNIE COFFMAN 🇺🇸 12-4-22

Dec 4th 2022
Hi Barbara,
I hope you are well and happy as our Heavenly Father would have us to be. I am about as usual. I have pretty much gave up on getting anything accomplished in here, and I think it’s for the best. I don’t know how these medical people ever got a license to practice medicine. The election turned out about like I figured it would. I wonder how many elections were stolen this time. Until these people are jailed and given stiff sentences with no pardons or paroles, our election will stay corrupted.
I am real sorry about your little best friend. I hope it’s over the pain by now. I think you can rest assure that the days of milk and honey in America are over, never to return, and evil will grow worse and worse.
I am hoping to be in a halfway house by the end of next July. I have got to try and put my life back together and start to live again. I have got to get my social security check started again, get signed back up with the V.A. so I can get these operations done, get my driver’s license back, and buy another vehicle cause they took my truck and all my clothes. They don’t care that they tare your life apart, and they care what you do to put it back together.
We will close now. I hope you have the best Christmas ever, and may the new year bring you all the joy and happiness a hundred lifetimes could hold.
I will close now. May God bless you and yours.