Help Sherry, Mother of Bobby Gieswein Keep their Home

Sherry who has been diagnosed with lupus has a failing health and the arrest of her son Bobby has been devastating emotionally and financially. She needs $$2500 in order to keep her home. Sherry is a dedicated mother and has worked hard all her life. She has been unable to work because of serious health issues and needs help during this very difficult time. She gave an update about Bobby and herself: March 21, [...]

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William Isaacs – A Political Prisoner

William Isaacs Goal: $100,000 Raised: $14,699 William Isaacs is a 21-year old student and firefighter trainee, beloved brother and grandson and now also a J6 defendant. William is always trying to help others. He’s his grandmothers caregiver and went to DC on January 6th as an Oath keepers volunteer to help with security. He was nonviolent all day and didn’t steal or break anything. William suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome which makes it hard for him [...]

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Richard Barnett J6 Political Prisoner

Goal : USD $300,000 Raised : USD $ 15,946 On January 6 Richard marched over to the Capitol building after President Trump’s speech ended, not because President Trump asked him to, but because Richard wanted to exercise his 1st Amendment right to petition his government for redress of grievance and have his voice heard. Richard, like many January 6 political prisoners was physically and psychologically tortured during his time in DC-GITMO. He was beaten, ridiculed, [...]

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David Dempsey Update

David has been incarcerated in the DC Gulag for 406 days as of this writing. Like the other inmates at the gulag he has suffered abuses, solitary confinement, and is deprived from seeing his wife and daughter or his friends. He has been denied bail. His constitutional rights are being denied. He needs your help to be able to raise enough money for legal fees. Without a good lawyer, justice is most likely not going [...]

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💰Fundraiser Update: Jeffrey Sills

Geoff is a political prisoner. His home was raided by the FBI. They presented a BLANK search warrant, arrested Geoff then went through every inch of the house, to include operating a search robot under the house. The 'evidence' hauled away was primarily clothing that matched what he was wearing in photos on Jan 6. Despite praise from the judge for Geoff having a 100% clean record, he was still denied bail. Geoff recently has [...]

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Daniel Goodwyn

Fundraiser UpdatesDANIEL GOODWYNOriginal Published date 8-9-22 Goal: $100,000Raised: $ 16,855 Daniel was present in Washington D.C. on Jan 6 as a video journalist for STOP HATE. 🛑 His role that day was simply to thoroughly document the happenings at the various Rallies for his employer. Pursuing that task, he followed the crowds activity and direction that day and recorded as much material as he could get during the chaos that unexpectedly ensued. Daniel did not [...]

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