David has been incarcerated in the DC Gulag for 406 days as of this writing. Like the other inmates at the gulag he has suffered abuses, solitary confinement, and is deprived from seeing his wife and daughter or his friends. He has been denied bail. His constitutional rights are being denied.

He needs your help to be able to raise enough money for legal fees. Without a good lawyer, justice is most likely not going to be served. Like the other J6 defendants, he is a the mercy of biased judges and jury, pressure to take a plea deal that serves only the narrative of the government. When taking a plea deal you are at the mercy of a judge that can give longer and harsher sentences.

Please write him and donate if you can. His brother Daniel is telling his story on GiveSendGo. Tell friends and family about the injustice that is taking place in America.

David Dempsey
Correctional Treatment Facility
1901 D St. SE
Washington DC 20003

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