William Isaacs
Goal: $100,000
Raised: $14,699

William Isaacs is a 21-year old student and firefighter trainee, beloved brother and grandson and now also a J6 defendant.

William is always trying to help others. He’s his grandmothers caregiver and went to DC on January 6th as an Oath keepers volunteer to help with security. He was nonviolent all day and didn’t steal or break anything.

William suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome which makes it hard for him to split off from group behavior. This might very well be the reason why he went to the Capitol that day.

William has been incarcerated and away from his family for more than a year now. He’s not been able to care for his grandmother or younger siblings anymore who rely on him heavily after their father passed last year. William’s future plans are on hold.

His family needs your help to be able to finance his legal battle. If you can, please support them HERE . You can find more information about William HERE


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