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Original Published date 8-9-22

Goal: $100,000
Raised: $ 16,855

Daniel was present in Washington D.C. on Jan 6 as a video journalist for STOP HATE. 🛑 His role that day was simply to thoroughly document the happenings at the various Rallies for his employer. Pursuing that task, he followed the crowds activity and direction that day and recorded as much material as he could get during the chaos that unexpectedly ensued. Daniel did not accost anyone, act violently, damage or destroy any property. He simply performed his job as a Journalist and documented what was happening.

For performing his role as a valid member of the 5th estate, as so many other MSM reporters did that day, DANIEL has become a January 6th DEFENDANT, charged with various crimes as a participant in the chaos, despite having simply observed and documented the events, as his protected role as a journalist required.

The difference between DANIEL and those other Journalists, is that DANIEL was there representing a Conservative and activist News Organization, bent on telling the TRUTH about the Election results. Daniel documented many of the actions that day by the MPD and CPD forces. DANIEL’S show trial is approaching fast , and the Government, (Read DOJ) knows that the vast sums needed for his competent defense are out of reach for ALMOST

JUSTICE now has a price tag that would stun and bankrupt most Americans 💵💵💲 💵💵 , for a trial defense that may or may not save him from a Prison Sentence and the loss of his Constitutional protections and Rights, simply for being a Conservative Journalist! ❤️‍🔥


Will you stand with DANIEL and those other Brave Americans who were in D.C. that day, exercising their constitutionally protected rights to protest and seek redress from their Government? Instead, American Citizens were met with Violence, and rabid aggression that Day, by those who were charged with serving the very people they were assaulting and KILLING !!!!!

And while those Officers can hide their raw violence and crimes behind the Color of Law, WE, THE PEOPLE are denied our rights, pilloried for our beliefs and excoriated for our protected RIGHT to protest and seek redress, as the Constitution provides.

🇺🇸❤️‍🔥PLEASE SUPPORT DANIELS FIGHT FOR JUSTICE🇺🇸❤️‍🔥…because its not just him your saving, its YOURSELF and all other Americans who believe in the Values and RIGHTS granted by Providence and documented by our FOUNDERS, over 245 years ago!

Please be 🇺🇸THAT AMERICAN🇺🇸 today, and every day, who says NO to Tyranny and Injustice and fights the good fight for our Republic and our Future Generations of Free People!

Please DONATE HERE to Help Daniel fight injustice today, so you and your children and grandchildren will not have to face it tomorrow!!