Goal : USD $300,000
Raised : USD $ 15,946

On January 6 Richard marched over to the Capitol building after President Trump’s speech ended, not because President Trump asked him to, but because Richard wanted to exercise his 1st Amendment right to petition his government for redress of grievance and have his voice heard.

Richard, like many January 6 political prisoners was physically and psychologically tortured during his time in DC-GITMO. He was beaten, ridiculed, denied access to medicine, denied access to counsel, and kept in solitary confinement for weeks at a time. Richard’s lawyers secured his release after 108 days of hell in a gulag. However, the DOJ did not stop there. Since arriving home, they have made it impossible for Richard to earn a living, as such, he cannot pay his domestic expenses or his legal bills. Patriots who love this country and want to help him in the biggest fight of his life please donate here

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