What has happened to the fullness of Liberty in this country? How did we reach a state of distrust and fear of our authoritative powers? Can we ever regain that feeling, that surety, of the Justice and liberties that we were given to uphold 247 years ago? Have we Broken America?

I think many Americans have begun to ask themselves questions just like these as they watch the political landscape blossom like napalm into paralyzing inter and extra-nicene squabbles while the country’s economy burns. America watches, astounded, as all rules and ethics of prosecutorial and judicial behavior are seemingly abandoned in favor of reaching a new equilibrium of political culture and a redefinition of Justice that favors that political power base absolutely. Citizens struggle to comprehend how their elite national representatives can continue to spend and give away money that they have yet to earn while they and their family struggle to pay for food, energy, fuel and home. When Their credit line is reached, they cannot just pass a continuing resolution and keep spending. They have to STOP SPENDING and manage their finances! Why does the Government not have to play by the same economic rules of Debt to Earnings as its citizens?

How can you NOT ask these questions if you’re living inside America’s borders today.

And if we are speaking of Borders, let us not forget the Threat each citizen, parent, child or senior, now faces as this same government defies its own laws and not only refuses to protect our national borders from unvetted illegal’s, it willing invites, assists, funds and transports millions of impoverished, unemployed, uninsured immigrants into already struggling communities without a care of what they will or even “Must’ do to survive once that meager handout is gone. Where will they get a job and whose job will they take? What would YOU do to protect, or feed your family? What will THEY do? The question begs an answer that assures the continued safety of each and every American CITIZEN in their homes, but this government provides no answer and disagrees it’s even a problem. This uncontrolled immigration is costing Sanctuary cities tens of Millions a month in services. The policy is displacing seniors, students and even disabled veterans in order to house this hungry descending horde.

As we learn more and more of the depravities and deprivations of America’s newest political prisoners in what are now being called America’s own Gulags, should we not look at our own conditions and wonder if we too, are not becoming prisoners of an invisible tyranny of absolute control? When we read the letters of those already being persecuted for their beliefs and thoughts, can we see ourselves in their places one day? In the book AMERICAN GULAG CHRONICLES: LETTERS FROM PRISON, they constantly warn America in their letters that this machine is coming for You next.

Maybe you should ask yourself, “Are you already a prisoner of the GULAG 2.0”? Does your cell phone track your every movement and path as well as a DOJ ankle bracelet could? Are your email and text messages truly private from view, audit and censorship? Are your freedoms of speech, writings and opinions controlled or banned from publication like the prisoners in the DC Gulag? Are you worried about protesting in public after watching Antifa, BLM and the Capitol police beat, arrest and KILL conservatives while violent leftist protestors get free reign of strictly controlled areas? Are you worried you could be grouped with those who dare to peacefully speak out and assemble? Do you feel the heavy hand of the government, interfering in your financial, spiritual and personal life? 

If you answered YES to any of these, perhaps you’re already a political prisoner of sorts; an inmate of the American Gulag 2.0 system. It doesn’t require an orange jumpsuit. You will not see any bars. You won’t need an inmate number, although you actually already have that.  But you will, nonetheless, be an inmate of the United States of America, a subject of its controlling will, unless you remember the free heritage bequeathed to you. Unless you regain your spirit of defiance and your thirst for Justice and Peace, unless you remember to treasure Freedom and Liberty, not just for yourself but for the future generations to come, you will lose the right to call yourself a true American. You may indeed lose that incredibly fragile and special thing, the essence, that we call America, altogether.  It’s time to rise to this challenge of culture and remember who we are. We Are Americans!

-FuriousTim Rivers