From Richard Harris

To whom it may concern.

I write to you from inside the DC department of corrections, cell 10 in pod C3A, also known as the patriot pod in what some refer to as the American Gulag. I am here because of my involvement on January 6th, 2021 at the People’s House also known as the US Capital building. Many have referred to me and my fellow inmates inside of pod C3A as political prisoners while others have labeled us terrorists, insurrectionists, white nationalists and some people even call us heroes. Everybody has an opinion on us, some are more valued than others.

I write to you because I value your opinion. You have a platform and a voice that can reach millions. You are one of a few who speaks the truth and everyday more people are awakening to the truth. What is that truth? That our country, our culture, our way of life, and our freedom are in serious jeopardy. There is a war being waged not only on America and all that America stands for, but a war on truth. There are many ways to describe this battle; good vs evil, light vs dark, right vs wrong, God vs Satan. No matter how one sees it, there is no denying that it is happening.

The consequences of doing nothing is far more terrifying then standing up while we still have a chance. There is no one coming to save us. One man can not save us. It is up to us, We the People. We in the patriot pod stood up for America. We stood up for the truth when no one else did. We are now being persecuted and prosecuted because we stood up for that truth. They will not break us. We are in here because we are the unbreakable. We are unafraid because we know the truth. Who will stand for us?

Richard Harris

📬 Richard Harris
Smart Communications
DC Central Detention Facility
1901 D Street SE
Washington DC 20003

🎂 2/7 🎂

Has been serving sentence for 109 days.

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