Despite the DOJ finally indicting the mysterious and highly suspect character, Ray Epps, no one believes he is just another January 6th protestor! It is an indisputable fact that Mr. Epps is one of the most videoed and vocal participants, both on the night before and on the day of the fateful rally turned riot. He treatment is an anomaly out of the many men accused of severe felonies that same day for far less provocative and aggressive behaviors. In the many videos and audio recordings of Epps in D.C., he is highly visible in his signature Red Cap and tactical dress, as he urges the crowd around him to action. But in the crowds around him are hundreds of protestors who were NOT highly visible, who DID NOT incite invasive behavior or encourage the crowds to move into the capitol grounds and buildings. THAT individual was Ray Epps, repeatedly seen leading the initial penetrations, directing a mysterious cadre of similarly dressed individuals with hand signals and gestures, creating the impetus to push through the barriers, create the initial breaches, direct aggressive activity, before mysteriously melting back into the crowd, incidentally, long past when he testified that he was already back in his hotel room.

The question for all of Us is “How Dumb does the DOJ think America is?” Now, after over 2 ½ years of these prisoners pouring out their experiences and testimonies about that day, and ABOUT RAY EPPS, in Interviews and in their messages to America, preserved as history in the book “THE AMERICAN GULAG CHRONICLES: Letters From Prison” , does the main stream media and the Justice department finally react. Over and over, different J6 defendants have testified in depositions and in court testimonies, almost identically, how Ray Epps tried to incite the crowds before the rallies that night and then led the initial breaches of barriers during the Rallies on January 6th.

Other protestors, some who were not even present in D.C. that day, were handed out immediate indictments, captured in brutal military style assaults on their homes and families, denied bond or bail, extradited in the night in violation of state sovereignties, suffered extreme pre trial imprisonment and brutal deprivations in substandard confinement…even denied the ability to access their video and document discovery, have access to legal counsel or prepare an adequate defense… all while the most visible and memorable protagonist walked about free and unindicted from Day 1. The glaring inconsistency in interest in and investigation of Mr. Ray Epps alone, demands an answer that no innocent reasoning can provide for most of us. Ray Epps was either an agent of the many authorities who were involved in the largest false flag fiasco of law enforcement in this century, or he is the luckiest and most bulletproof man alive in America. I think most of us might choose the former over the latter explanation if we abide by Occam’s razor. The simplest explanation is often the correct one, and the simplest explanation here is that Ray Epps has enjoyed protection from Federal Prosecution until the public outcry over the failure to indict him has reached a crescendo that cannot be ignored and still maintain a believable narrative of his non-involvement as a federal agent or plant on those days.

The mainstream media is now loudly decrying any possibility of his being an agent of chaos that day..Chortling over the “Misinformed Misdirection” that conservative outlets and the j6 defendants themselves have been repeating. They happily declare Ray Epps just an everyday protestor. Nothing to see here folks, just Move along! After all, they say, the DOJ “DID” Indict Him! Sure, after callously hunting down and persecuting over 1100 Americans for over two years, including the 45th President of the United Stated, Donald J Trump, who officially became J6 Defendant #1106 on August 1, 2023. Now, 33 months after the fact, they toss a softball set of Misdemeanor charges at the most visible insurrectionist there that day…perhaps the ONLY one there! And We, The People, are supposed to Cheer the efforts of our Valiant Department of Justice, whose bias in the persecution, detention and prosecution of January 6th defendants and Donald J Trump is glaringly political in purpose and goal. The evidence supports the conclusion that this administration and its bureaucracies will stop at nothing to discredit Donald J Trump and all who would support him beyond simple vocal dissent. Their new and obvious goal is to inject a Fear of speaking out against your Government’s actions and decisions, exercising your Constitutional Rights of Free Speech, Assembly and Redress of your Government…. To make all these precious things become the most “Capitol , of Crimes”!

What will the outcome be for Mr. Epps? Will he receive 22 years in prison like Enrique Tarrio or be separated from his family like War Veteran Joseph Biggs? Will he endure persecution for his beliefs from the Louis Farrakhan loving Guards, or feel the sweet caress of a baton beating until unconscious Like Ryan Samsel?

How Will Ray Epps Pay for “His” Crimes that day?

I think the answer will disappoint us all.


The Softball Charge for Ray Epps by the DOJ