MATT KROL 4-3-23

I received the following message from Matthew Krol and he is asking for prayers for his brother, Steve Salata. (Same mom, different dad)

“Awwwwe, You are the best, outside of my wife 😉
THANK you so very very much. I will go through the list and let you know. I am doing good, adjusting now that I am with other J-6ers and not with murders, pedophilias, rapists, and drug dealer/addicts. Not everyone is what I expected but its all good. There were a few items that I would never eat, but I shared lots of stuff with a fellow patriot that has no one in his corner… A number of the guys in here have now gotten him help from on the outside, so he’s being covered, Praise God.
We had an outside Brother in Christ come in (he comes every other week) and had a Bible Study… It was Rich, he’s a man of the Word and faith. He has asked me to share with those willing, on the opposite weeks. I’m blessed to, although I’m not a teacher, I’m more of an encourager.
I am near the #8 complete read of the Holy Scriptures since my incarceration. That’s one of the things I will share, the IMPORTANCE of being in His Word.
My oldest brother is on his final journey here on earth (stage 4 liver cancer, diagnosed 4 weeks ago) and he surrendered his life to our Saviour a couple weeks ago, after 40 plus years of me praying for him. I am so blessed by this, although I will miss his love and humor tremendously. He went into a coma 4 days ago and probably won’t be here much longer. My other brother held the phone to his ear as I said my good byes. I told him to hold a place for me.
Much Blessings to you <3,  matt “