My Dear Friend Barbara, 4-1-23

Thank you for finding me! I was woken up at 2:00 AM the day they moved me. They said I had court But dropped me off here at Alexandria. I spent six days in booking in a cell for 24 hours a day, and now I am in a unit that’s locked down for 22 hours a day. They say it’s for my safety. Do they not know I was the best laundry man that CVRJ Has ever been?! I joke about it, but it really does annoy me. To go from “freedom” as a trusty to locked down. To me, it makes zero sense.

I was hoping that a great plea deal comes my way, but at this point it has to be amazing. Honestly, this whole thing ticks me off. I’ve been careful with what I write and say. I tell others that we were idiots for doing what we did that day, but now I don’t care. If God really wills it, who am I to try and change the outcome? Yes, I know that I shouldn’t have been where I was at that day. However, If I wasn’t, the cop and another woman would most likely had severe injuries or died. I’m still haunted about Roseanne, but at least two others are walking today. And for that I am NOT sorry! I swore an oath to protect people. I will always honor that oath. I look forward to your letter, as always!

Quod Vult Deus
Cody McAbee