🇺🇸 Jessica Watkins 🇺🇸

Dear *****,
Please forgive my letter, it was, well…passionate. I kinda got sidetracked on the issues, and when I woke up and proof-read it, well…I meant what I said, but I didn’t get to respond to your letter at all. I got carried away, haha!
I liked your speech, I’m proud of y’all for standing up for James (although to us, his nickname is DooDoo-not sure why). He’s a great guy! He’s a Jarhead, but we still like him 😊 (Army/Marine rivalries y’see…us Army types aren’t snazzy dressers, but at least we don’t eat the crayons, lol). Anyway, I’m proud of you for “Bearing the Standard” (Google that, if you don’t understand). You’re right. It does start local, it takes a small spark to start a big fire!
More facts about James: He fought in Iraq, and his vehicle was hit by an IED. He’s a genuine hero. Our jail food sucks…but he is creative. He takes various ingredients and hand-crafts jailhouse delicacies! He’s our resident chef! Crab-cakes, Lasagnas, desserts…he’s made all sorts of delectables, and each rivals the next in taste! James is hilarious. He has a way of telling stories that will make you laugh, every time. James is loyal and caring. He will pull us aside, and we can talk with him free of judgement, any time we are in need.
Anyway, thought you might like a little outside perspective on him, next time you are tooting his horn to show Mississippi pride 😊