🇺🇸 Jessica Watkins 🇺🇸

Dear **********
Hey y’all, sorry I haven‘t written in a while. Believe it or not I’ve been quite busy! The DoJ finally released the 14,000 hours of footage (Surveillance Cameras and Body Cams) that they’ve hidden from the American people. The footage was only released to Defendants though, sadly. If they released the 14,000 hours to the public, they’d be forced to release all Jan 6th folks from jail/prison, and let’s face it, January 6th is too important to the Democrats to risk losing control of their precious narrative.
They need Jan 6 to be an “insurrection”, so they can target Marjorie Taylor Green, Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, Mark Meadows; and a little misdirected scrutiny can serve them well as a weapon for the upcoming midterms. I predict they won’t “make a move” on Trump until the end of summer/early fall, but make no mistake, they will do it before the midterms. They know that they will never be able to put Trump in prison, but if they can have him Indicted on a felony (18 USC 15/2 (c)(2)most likely), they can prevent Trump from running for Office again. That will be their end-game. That turncoat Liz Cheney has already said as much. They won’t risk an Indictment on Trump after the midterms, because by then the GOP will want their own Jan 6th commission to investigate the misdeeds that happened that day. Then the Indictment won’t work. The Jan 6 Select Committee is running out of time, and they will only have one chance to try.
That is also why they’re pushing our trial so hard. My trial will end days before the midterms, and we are the only ones charged with Seditious Conspiracy. Convenient timing, no? To make matters even crazier, is the prosecution announced to the public that they intend to enhance that charge with Terrorism-and they’re pushing to have us imprisoned for life without the possibility for parole! Yeah, little ‘ole me…behind bars until death, so they can squeeze out a few extra votes on Election Day. Obviously, I don’t believe it will happen, I know that I’m innocent and that’s 100% verifiable with the evidence, but then again…I didn’t even think I’d even be arrested, let alone denied bond or…well, that any of this could happen. So who knows? Maybe I will die in prison, for crimes I didn’t commit. This isn’t America, this is Socialism, so all bets are off.
The messed up thing, is that our charges are so out of left field. What they’re saying about us runs contrary to our actions. They claim we plotted to overthrow the U.S. Government by force, but showed up unarmed, and never discussed anything of the sort. Virtually all of us were strangers to eachother, didn’t discuss anything, let alone that! Our actions don’t match Seditionists either: showed up late, left early, sang the National Anthem, rescued Police Officers, protected the property from damage, obeyed lawful orders, held a prayer vigil, helped the injured, followed the curfew order, rescued a Trump supporter from Black Lives Matter…I mean, seriously, it’s such an injustice. A guy who punched a cop that day was sentenced to 3 years in prison, and he had a criminal record. A guy who sprayed officers with a fire extinguisher and then threw it at them was sentenced to 5 years in prison. I didn’t attack or threaten anyone! I didn’t destroy anything! And they want to put me into prison for life?! What the hell?!
And to make matters worse, when the Prosecutors announced it, it wasn’t even a 1 day story. Fox/Newsmax/OAN, they didn’t even mention it. It’s like nobody cares! I don’t even have the heart to tell my mom yet. My fiance (Montana) is crushed. It’s eating him up, though he won’t say so, I can tell. This is wrong, but nobody seems to care. From my vantage point, my life seems over. My only hope is that my Judge sees the evidence and realizes we are innocent,and being politically persecuted as a publicity stunt for this biased DoJ. I doubt that our Jury will do little more than rubber stamp us as guilty. There is no way we get a fair trial. None. It’s messed up. This is where I need y’alls help! I need you to demand the release of the 14,000 hours every time you speak up at a rally. That footage is the key! It proves everyone, Trump on down, innocent. It shows January 6th for what it was: open season on Trump supporters. Nothing more. I have PTSD from just watching the footage. Demand your Senators/Congressmen to use their Subpoena Powers to obtain the footage. They will never release it, no matter how many FOIA requests are sent. It will take Congress to use their Subpoena Powers to obtain the footage.
What they will find is astounding: Old women beaten, a man pushed off a balcony 50ft off the ground, 16 grenades thrown into a crowd of peaceful protesters in the span of 5 minutes, children maced, elderly maced, innocent maced, people were mercilously beaten for no reason, a man was tackled and punched in the kidney 14 times for crossing the Police line, tasers fired at random, a man shot in the mouth with a rubber bullet for no reason, hundreds of peaceful protesters teargassed without warning to get them to fall back, grenade launchers fired point blank at random without being aimed, protesters punched in the face, pepperballs fired randomly into the crowd…and all of that happened first, in the span of an hour, all before the events of January 6th had even begun. The Police incited a riot, accidentally teargassed themselves, and then the rest is history. People finally fought back, the building was breached, and January 6th became the platform the Democrats used, a weapon, to silence their opposition and round up Trump supporters.
January 6th is America’s “Reichstag” moment. The Nazis did the same thing. When the Reichstag burned, their opposition was rounded up and imprisoned for life (and eventually executed). January 6th is America’s Tieneman Square. Only narratives by The Party were allowed, and footage hidden from the Chinese people. The Democrats are Socialists. The Nazis were Socialists. The Chinese Communist Party is Socialist. This is their playbook, and until Americans wake up and realize they’re losing their country-not all at once, but in nibbles-then they will never see their country again. It will be over, and then it will be too late to save.
It’s already gone too far! Look where we are now…gas in our country costs an average of $4.84 a gallon, baby formula can’t be found, Supreme Court Justices threatened in their homes over the “right” to murder babies, little kids being sexualized and sterilized and taught racism, we have no border, rampant drug abuse, crime waves, mass shootings and terrorism, Political Prisoners (*ahem*), stolen elections, inflation, surrendered our energy independence, unconstitutional mandates in the name of “public safety”, I mean where the hell are the Conservatives at?! Rallies are nice, but ineffective! Trucker Convoys are fun (yay! honk if you love America!) but they aren’t doing squat diddly. If Conservatives truly love America…well, there’s only one answer.
Make ‘em sweat! Make ‘em shake in their boots! Look ‘em in the eye and say, “Look bub. I don’t need a high fallutin’ politician. Fix this shit, or I’ll elect someone else who will!” It’s time to nut up or shut up. Our Republic is at stake. Either they’re with us, or they’re against us, and they kin find a new line of work! I hear McDonalds is hiring.
I’m tired of watching my country get flushed down the crapper, as I rot in a jail cell for a year and a half (awaiting a life sentence), for crimes I didn’t commit. I didn’t fight in Afghanistan for this! I didn’t crawl into housefires for this! I didn’t risk my neck protecting people from the 2020 BLM/Antifa riots for this! I didn’t stand up on January 6th for this! I did all those things because I love America, this is my home… OUR home…and all I see Conservatives do is complain, like whiney Liberals. I know you’re not like that. I know you’re out there, both of you, standing up for what’s right! You’re true Patriots Ken, Lori…we love you guys! Shame your fellow Conservatives for us. The Liberals are already saying it…2022 will be (and I quote) a “Summer of Rage”. If 2020 was a “Summer of Love”, I wonder what a Summer of Rage looks like. I can’t protect America this time. I’m in this shithole. It’s up to y’all. Share this letter. Don’t let the Liberals steamroll America. It’s time our Representatives actually represent us…We the People deserve it. God Bless!
-Jessica Watkins