Yvonne Saint Cyr

December 8th 2023

Hi Barbara,

hope this letter finds you well. I can only imagine the holidays are probably hard since losing your husband. 51 years is a long time to share life with someone. I’ve been with my husband almost 24 years –  married 22. It feels like we are just getting started. 2020 was such a pivotal year for me in so many ways, including our marriage and truly learning what unconditional love means and looks like. I’m so grateful I stuck it out. What we created in the bond we have now will endure anything. Took us a lot of hard lessons and tasks to get here. I honestly thought in 2021 we would part ways. He had an affair and I thought it was God opening the door for me to leave, but when I prayed God said Be Love and it truly has been my greatest gift. I never truly imagine a love like this. God is so good.

My sister just saw me sent me a book, 10 life-changing lessons From heaven, Jeff Janssen. It’s so good, I’ve only read the intro and chapter one and I’m completely overwhelmed with love. The author was a speaker in her grief group. She lost her son, my nephew, Jordan in 2021 to suicide. It’s so profound, highly recommend. Troy, my husband and I met in Jan 2000, both were coming out of unhealthy marriages. It’s been a long road and many lessons. He is husband number four for me. I am his second marriage, he had one daughter and I had four kids. We have one together. He just turned 21 after getting out of the Marines in 2004, we moved back to Idaho. So we are neighbors, lol. He’s been my rock through this whole January 6th ordeal. We were there together but were separated during the march to the capital so he never went in or close. There are no accidents. I’m not sure how we’d have managed had we both been arrested.

We lost our home in 2021 after my arrest and had been living in a camp trailer in the country outside of Kurn Idaho ever since. I love simple living and through losing and selling all my worldly possessions I’ve learned so much. We all spend so much time wanting. We miss so many of the blessings right in front of us. Maybe when this prison sentence ends ,Troy and I can take a road trip to Washington and spend some time helping you get things done that you may need done. Humanity is doing to poor job of protecting and helping the most vulnerable, children and our aging adults. I’m really hoping to be home in spring. It’ll take a miracle but God is definitely in the business of miracles.

Thank you for the letter and look forward to getting to know you more.

With love and light


Yvonne St Cyr

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