Taylor James Johnatakis

December 13th 2023


Thank you so much for your letter and scriptures and passages of encouragement. I especially like the passage about Kingdom equity. I believe in equity. I choose equity (a synonym for righteousness) over law. In the last nearly 3 years I accepted all the charges, offers, motions and indictment of the prosecutor in court without arguing the facts, law, jurisdiction or venue. I sought full accountability, that the debt be paid.. (what are the charges, if not a debt ). I sought and received forgiveness on the record in open court before the jury, judge and prosecution. The prosecution of objected, but the judge overruled their objection. The Lord God is working a great work through us. I believe all the trials we endure, ( I choose not to suffer but for Christ, as it implies consent to their injury) casting a cloak of Charity on those who revile us, despitefully use us, will be for our gain. As we forgive the trespasses against us, our trespasses can be forgiven.

The Kingdom of heaven is ever-present, but only peacemakers shall be called the Children of God. I’m not sure how many transcripts are public, but I have made peace with my accusers. My soul is at rest. I hold no ill will toward the judge or prosecution, for they are my brothers and sisters. I will hold a mirror to the system, and for them, extend my love and grace. The Judicial system is brutal, for all who walk through its doors. I would not wish this experience on even my worst enemies, so I pray not to let the Injustice continue, and God’s work be revealed in the hearts of men.

P.s.: Check out my wifes givesendgo.com/JohnatakisFamilyHelp website with the link to a podcast I did after Jan 6 about my experience.



Taylor James Johnatakis

Taylor Johnatakis

📬 Taylor Johnatakis
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Has been serving sentence for 177 days.

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