“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”

Part 11.8: The Federal Courthouse; Washington, DC

–The “OathKeeper 1” Trial: The Defense Case In Chief Part 8–

by: Jessica Watkins (X: @J6ssicaWatkins)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Courtroom Transcripts, Evidentiary Exhibits, Court Documents and Testimony.

After the convoluted mess that was our trial, the Government had presented no evidence of an actual “Seditious Conspiracy”. In fact, all they’d proven is that they had no credibility; that their word was completely untrustworthy. They’d brought out a Tactical Stack Formation (lmao) of liars; each of whom was completely discredited and debunked. Now that Kelly Meggs’ Case In Chief was about to be presented, this would continue. Stanley Woodward and Julie were the last two to show the truth; that Kelly Meggs had done nothing more than wander into the Capitol Building, lead the crowd in prayer, rescue Officer Harry Dunn, and then assist Police in evacuating the Capitol. That he had obeyed the curfew, and left Capitol grounds voluntarily. Stanley Woodward exposed all of this during the Case In Chief. First of which was to show the “Prayer Circle”. I personally think it was a mistake not to show the cell phone footage of the Prayer Circle. One of the protesters was using his phone to film the events of J6, and had broken down crying with joy. Kelly Meggs and Kenny Harrelson saw him collapse, and rushed over to him to see if he was OK. The man waved them off, saying “I’m alright, I’m alright”. The man was just emotionally exhausted from the beauty of the moment, and was overwhelmed. Yes, January 6th was bad sometimes… in places like the Lower West Terrace and the Tunnel. But we never saw any of that. We entered through the East side, saw no violence AT ALL. So, in many places like the Rotunda, it was beautiful; a wonderful and truly patriotic moment. The cell phone captured what I had spoken about; that we (the crowd) were singing Glory Glory Halleluiah, hugging each other, and enjoying the moment when we stood in the Rotunda of our Nation’s Capitol. The man set his phone on the ground and pointed it up at the center of that beautiful dome, and Kelly led the crowd to circle around him as the man prayed for our country. This footage was not shown, and frankly, I consider it a missed opportunity.

I am sure that Stanley Woodward had his reasons, but instead he opted to show the footage from above; from a CCTV Surveillance Camera. The cell phone footage was so awesome that it gave me chills. The CCTV footage was weak sauce. I assume the cell phone footage (with audio) was excluded because Liberals generally hate God, and our Jury was most certainly Liberal. Just my guess anyway. After the prayer circle, Stanley Woodward moved on to the rescue of Officer Harry Dunn. The Government had argued that the OathKeepers had been looking for Nancy Pelosi’s Office, which WAS nearby where they stood. But merely being in proximity to “someplace important” is true, no matter where you are in the Capitol. Everyplace is important, and her Office was just one of hundreds of important locales. But, her Office didn’t even have a sign to designate that the room was hers. Attorney Woodward showed that there was “No sign showing that Nancy Pelosi had an Office in the area” and then showed PROOF that the Government had lied once again. He showed images and video (with timestamps) of the protesters tearing the sign off the wall, smashing it, and then stealing it as a souvenir before the OathKeepers even walked through the door to the Capitol. It was merely another nameless door, in a building filled with them. It was nearby her Office, in a stairwell, that the OathKeepers found Officer Harry Dunn. He was winded, alone, and hunched over. He looked up at Kenny Harrelson and said “You guys are f***ing us up. We got Officers down!” Kenny Harrelson was shocked, stepping forward and shouting “Really!?”. He immediately (and heroically in my opinion) stepped forward with Kelly Meggs, Connie Meggs, Joseph Hackett, and others and formed a line. Kenny held his arms out and beckoned for the crowd to stay back and the OathKeepers protected him as he regained his breath and was able to reconnect with his fellow Officers. All of this was captured on the Steven Horn video; a video that was unlawfully withheld from the Defense by the Prosecutors. All they were provided with was a snippet of the Horn video, the frames of which were unclear. (more on that later)

The Personal Protection Detail for Nancy Pelosi is a man by the name of Special Agent Lazarus. Special Agent Lazarus took the stand during the Government’s Case In Chief, saying that he “…had evacuated the Staff from Nancy Pelosi’s Office, and when he did, he witnessed the OathKeepers harassing Officer Dunn.” He stated that he personally witnessed this (although, it seems strange to me that he wouldn’t assist an Officer in distress). This testimony is damning, and not only is it a lie, but is a blatant act of perjury. He saw nothing of the kind. After his testimony, the Defense team tracked his movements (on CCTV cameras) through the Capitol meticulously. Reporting on this was done by @CowboyLogic and @SteveBaker (and I am convinced, it is why Steve was Indicted). Nancy Pelosi should use the phrase “Nobody F***s with Nancy” as her campaign slogan. I am convinced that it’s why the OathKeepers, Steve Baker, Steven Horn were targeted by her staff: By her bodyguard Agent Lazarus, by her Chief of Staff, and by Harry Dunn himself, who had taken selfies with her. It was the OathKeepers that were targeted during HER January 6th Select Committee. Her inner circle came to our sentencing and demanded the Judge throw us in prison for the maximum allowable time (and certainly their testimony at our Sentencing influenced the Judge’s decision to throw us in prison for longer than people who actually injured the Police that day). I digress. Agent Lazarus lied, and once again, when we started to prove it, the Government leapt up shouting “OBJECTION, Your Honor!” They tried to drag it out, to make the source videos difficult to watch. To distract the Jury and bore them once more. The Judge allowed it, and Julie painstakingly followed Agent Lazarus’ movements through the Capitol. Showing (with timestamps) that Agent Lazarus was NOWHERE near that hallway when Dunn was rescued; that he had never seen the OathKeepers at any point. He shouldn’t have been allowed to testify against the OathKeepers at all. He never saw them at any point.

The last testimony was to show the events of the rescue itself. Stanley Woodward showed the video they had (a mere clip) that captured the OathKeepers protecting Officer Harry Dunn. If the Defense had the REAL footage, it would have shown in better detail the rescue itself. This testimony DIRECLY contradicted the testimony by Officer Dunn himself. Ultimately, his last words on the witness stand were, “…I didn’t need their help. F them.” However, the Horn video shows that this too was a lie. There were no shortage of those during our trial, and I think our Jury saw right through it all; that the Government was making a Mt. Everest out of a molehill. Yeah, it was wrong to trespass; but at the end of the day, the OathKeepers were just making the best out of a bad situation, too. That people like me stopped vandalism and helped the injured or people like Kenny and Kelly merely prayed for America and rescued a Police Officer. But there was one more act of good to come. As Kelly Meggs left the building, he spoke with 3 Capitol Police Officers (who were standing around doing nothing as the crowd walked inside), and they asked Kelly for help. On CCTV camera (and Wall Street Journal media footage), Kelly Meggs assisted Capitol Police and began to push people OUT of the Capitol. One protester got so irritated with Kelly for this, that the man verbally berated Kelly for “working with the cops”. The confrontation was so hostile, that it was clear that Kelly was on the side of Law Enforcement, and that members of the crowd viewed him negatively for this. Despite the conflict, Kelly Meggs helped the Officers kick people out of the building for a full 5 minutes, before the Officers gave up and told him “nevermind, thanks for trying”. Kelly then shrugged and walked out himself, never to return. This final argument concluded the Case In Chief for the Defense. We were all done. But the Government was so angry, that they wanted to go again. They wanted to expand their Rebuttal to last for weeks. They knew they had lost, and they were facing a FULL Acquittal (meaning Not Guilty) for all Defendants (except for my Impeding Officers charge). Their lies were so transparent, and our Case In Chief proved each and every one, so they desperately would try to cover up for the lies… with (you guessed it) more lies. I’m tellin’ ya. Some people never learn.