Hello Lydia and Family
Thank you very much for your letter of understanding and support related to our situation. My case and many others are littered with evidence that goes against the narrative projected to the American people, including: issues with video evidence that contain jumping or missing frames, false testimony, and evidence that destroys the credibility of government witnesses (that was not shown to the jury).
I took my case to trial because I felt that I was justified and that I had a right to defend myself against an officer who was provoking, taunting, using hand gestures, punching me in the face, ramming a metal flag pole near my eye, and then forcing it into my mouth like a horse bit.
All of this is proven by the video evidence from cell phones, security cameras, and the officers own Body Worn Camera (BWC). It is worth noting that I was not allowed to show the jury another hand gesture made by the officer.
What I witnessed that day at the Capitol was upsetting to me and many others. We were allowed to enter the grounds of the Capitol with the expectations of the rally continuing with more speeches; we heard no announcements or warnings from the Capitol Police that we were trespassing. I was appalled when I saw an older woman with blood dripping from her face while she was crying with her husband, shocked by the way police were targeting them.
This whole ordeal has been an eye-opening experience for me: from the excessive force used by the police that day all the way through the trial process and my experiences in jail.
My story needs to be shared and told to the American people! Not just for me, but because it is similar to thousands of others who are unjustly locked up in our justice system.
I am currently in the process of contracting a movie script to be available mid April, 2024.

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T Wells

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