David Judd
March 19, 2024

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-Please send me Trump’s new shoes – ha ha ha
-Let’s Go Brandon!

Hey! Hey! Hey! What’s up y’all from Texas? Yeehaw!

It’s been crazy here in federal prison.. strangely….. this year has flown by so fast.. and it feels like it just began… soo much has happened already and it feels like more every day is about to start happening.

YAY!!!! for Trump in all the Primary Wins…. and his shoes…. LOL… the Liberals hate them…. SNL had 2-whole skits to make fun of them… but they just can’t “knock-down” the fact that they sold out in 20 minutes… and are being re-sold online for over $100,000(+) Ha WILD! CHUH-CHING!!

Are you excited for the eclipse that’s going to happen in April?! Do y’all get to see it? I’ve got this fantastic book from a Pastor at my church (that is an expert on the end times) {fellowshipchurch.com}. Jimmy Evans.. and he talks about all the signs…. one of the chapters is about the eclipse… and some of the Historical, and Biblical facts and statistics he lays out are crazy!

Did you know that almost all of the eclipses that occur take place over water… very rare to happen over land… even more rare is when the shadows they create: the very next time….. create an “X”. The last time that happened.. was 99 years ago… this next one will mark 100 years… crazy…

The last time a “crossing” of eclipse Shadows was WWI…. and that year.. Spanish – flu broke out… killing 20-23% of the world’s population……crazy

The time before that…1776….kind of an important date in American History… Crazy..
This year… the “X” will cross over a place called SALEM, Oregon.

It’s cool that God communicates with us through signs and the stars…

Today is my Birthday. Good Ol’ March 19th….. Celebrating in prison.. trying to not get stabbed, or robbed, or worse.. enjoying dried crusty rice, a slice of bread… mushy Alpo dog food “beef” and some canned-cold-green-beans with a side of water of course. (Sad face)

I did, however, use my commissary donations my Patriotic Supporters have sent in, to buy some sweets.. and attempt.. at making a birthday cake…
Basically, you take a bowl and hot water and throw in some Snickers bars, Saltine crackers, coffee creamer, peanuts, tortilla chips, peanut butter, and crush it all down into pancake batter mush… then leave it out in the sun to cook… after 4-5 hours you put it on another bowl full of ice to harden, and then cut and serve! Just don’t let too many prison gang members see or they will try to start a riot over getting a piece. Yikes!! (I handle myself, they are afraid of me being a J6er.)

I did get some b-day cards mailed in.. overall, it was a wonderful birthday!! My family loves and supports standing with me…! I’ve got Patriots support from true ride – or – die Americans and God is shaping and molding me each and every day. I am thankful for His plan, and honestly, I never thought in a ka-million – years, I would say, I’m grateful to be in prison, because I know God has me here for a reason, He has allowed it and I trust in Him, and His plan for my life.. He is in control, and Him alone do I trust. And I may be in prison, but He says I am free.. therefore I am free INDEED.

Just some updates with me… my case manager says I have my “file being reviewed at Regional”.. so basically they are deciding on a date (hopefully soon) to allow me out of prison, and into a house full of drug dealers, murderers, rapists, etc. You know, the good ol’ bunch… it will be like an MTV reality show hahaha. But for real – pray hard that they decide on a date super soon. The “NOT KNOWING” is the hardest part of this whole thing. Waking up every day, not knowing when, and nothing changes. Life on pause. Nothing matters. Not going anywhere. Ugghhh. What’s gonna happen! And when??!!

Having that official date on the horizon to look forward to would make all the difference in the world…..I can’t freaking wait.

(RIP) 1. Ashli Babbitt 2. Rosanne Boyland 3. Kevin Greeson 4. Benjamin Philips

Next… I did join into a class action lawsuit against all the police – brutality, un-lawful ammunitions used, not following protocol on dispersing a crowd, or the safety measures trained to use them, on top of all the physical, mental, financial damage I will forever live with.. . The murder I had to witness. the chemical warfare of nerve-gas used. The explosions from concussion grenades, and just those sounds of children, grandparents, women, screaming for help.. forever haunts me. I still get visuals from saving people from jumping off the capitol, or being trampled to death, or collapsing down stairs.. it wasn’t enough.. and I couldn’t help / save enough / more / all… a defeating and “empty hole” feeling of failure and pain, remorse, trauma, I fear I will never shake..

But, you know what’s disgusting? Is the fact that there were undercover agents inciting this.. there are videos of “police “.. well D-C ‘police’ – purposely doing this to American families… laughing, high-fiving, like it was a game.. These people murdered our fellow brothers and sisters… killed someone’s daughters, their sons… someone’s Mom… someone’s Dad…


I am asking for help supporting the short film I am working on:
To reveal the truth,
Show the actual video / audio,
And make this right in history.

Oh yea… the lawsuit… yesterday.. D-C swamp threw him in jail… too big of a threat. Hush! Hush! Hush!

I too have been “hushed” since being here. I was asked to do a TV interview for the anniversary of Jan 6th….. but the warden, and my case manager made sure to interject.

You see, they have to ask for my approval for a “legal and safety” measure.. but very cleverly made the right comments and persuasive mentionings that these interviews can go really bad for people in prison… And what would ya know… my case and sentence is being reviewed the same week!? How convenient… We would hate for this to set me back or something stand in the way from me getting out sooner or way later. -Kinda blackmail-ish … yeah? I “refused” the interview from ever going through to tv…. And sure enough, the next week I had my first meeting with the person that starts the process for release from prison!

Just be a good boy and play by their rules and forget about your stupid rights, and freedoms, and everything will be Great!
“go to sleep sheep” BAAAAAAAAAAA

You know what the best part is? I could care less. I am not afraid!!! Because GOD has this… He protects us! You, me, our loved ones… He promised.. and He always always follows through. He has never lied, nor failed us. That is my strength, that is my hope! I put on the armor of God everyday (Ephesians 6:11) and today I learned of the armor of light! (Romans 13:12).
I love Jesus, I love you, I love my family, I love my friends, I love my church, I love my friends.


Signed, Political Prisoner David Judd

David Judd

📬 David Judd
FCI Seagoville
Federal Correctional Institution
PO BOX 9000

🎂 3/19 🎂

Has been serving sentence for 464 days.

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