America, it really isn’t about Red or Blue…it should be completely about RED, WHITE + BLUE, because we are ALL AMERICANS. No matter Race, Religion, gender, Finances, or any other labels We Put On others. Standing up, standing together to fight the Tyranny and Injustice of oppression in America is the ONLY way to create the UNITY required to defeat their EVIL + belief in superiority. Lets All Stand Up and take Action together so we can learn, teach and create a better future for All Americans.

This World has been selfish and self centered for FAR too long. WE ALL Need to Remember to be Selfless and Self Reliant once again so we can find the Faith to Believe in Ourselves again!

As a Final statement I would like to say Thank You again for your continued devotion + support for a better AMERICA FOR EVERYONE.

Sincerely, Thomas


Thomas B Adams Jr

📬 Thomas B Adams Jr
FCI Forrest City Low
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 10
Forrest City, AR 72336

🎂 11/17 🎂
No known fundraiser

Has been serving sentence for 58 days.

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