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Any one hear on GB (Glenn Beck) today?  

Blaze Media’s reporter( I didn’t write his name down), was doing some good home work. 

 Mr.Lazzerath of the Capitol Police, and Harry Dunn of the Capitol Police(CP).  Cried in testimony before congress, regarding their lame stories about the Oath Keepers(OK)coming into contact with both, and the altercations that took place.  Both claim their actions came into contact with said OK and that multiple engagements took place is a span of minutes.  Seems this stellar reporter viewed the ” VIDEO’S” in side the capitol that day.  Found out that Lazzarath and Dunn were on different sides of the capitol when their claimed responses and actions went down!, Never near each other! The actions that they claim saved their lives, never happened.  On Video! 

 Pelosi’s narration team never came together to cross reference their stories!  They Pelosi’s Team’s had prefabricated stories ready to lay out.  Those douche bags cried on cue in front of the eyes of the world. 

They were in such a hurry to claim victories for that day, and spin the narrative that they didn’t cross “T” or dot “I”.  OMG!  

 WTF?  Dunn’s Stupid A$$ wrote a book! Claiming his actions saved lives!   Really?  Is anyone going to go after these clowns?

  Prove me wrong about what I’ve been stating these last couple of years!  I will then apologize and shut up!

  Thau, Tindall, Crisman, Bagshaw, Augustine, Horos, Edwards, Riley, Smiley, Lynn, Hawkins, Harding, Lambardini, 

 Camera Angle: 0180, 0725.  Team’s 54, 64, 74, of the MPD came to create violence, to incited actions against the Trump supporters, and to Incite actions from them. 

  These are the names of the most out of control, the most violent officers that day.  I’ve watched all their video, I’ve watched 100’s hrs. of video.  

” Tara Tindall: ”  SGT, Do I have clearance to fire this?”  SGT Edwards: ” Yes! Just shoot it over there, just shoot it.  There!”

 She had no training, she doesn’t understand what weapon system she had and how to use it.  Yet she had over head cover from the chain of command to launch a deadly weapon into the crowd.  She then goes on to firing it into the crowd point blank range into a mans chest.  All on camera. 

 Augustine, Bagshaw, and Thau on the steps of the west side, around 1415-1425, Arguing about what to do.  The entire line of police were just gassed by Augustine kicking a CS grenade down the line of officers, causing 37 officers to simply walk away.  Now in a heated argument on what to do.  ” Thau:  Look at it, we’re getting out people killed! This is a broken arrow! what do you want to do sir? Sir! we need to do something now!  Augustine: ” What do you want to do?”  

A CPT in the MPD in a heated situation, asking a subordinate that is completely out of control for directions on how to handle things?  Really?  Shouldn’t the CPT’s and LT’s be deciding how to organize this dance?  Hello!  This is just a moment in time of the maddness that occured that day!  They came to beat A$$!  Pelosi wanted it to go down like this, and M. Bowser. I can go on for days!

  Prove me wrong! 

  Where’s the justice?

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