Dear Katelyn,
I like the resolution you came up with, it is so true. I also like your quote. Very proactive. I finally got out of the shu around Oct. 20th, Although they aren’t going to be doing anything to anyone as far as discipline. The main reason why is because while I’ve been dealing with all of this I’ve realized the corruption runs deep within the ranks of the B.O.P. Unless they get everyone involved from top to bottom it would just cause my life to be in more danger than it already has been. On top of that if these people are so connected in here that also means they are even more connected outside. With all that logical knowledge, I have chosen not to do anything that could ultimately put my children at risk. Especially while I am stuck here and have no way of protecting them from the groups of people involved. It is extremely screwed up how my opinions and desire to be a part of the solution to change America can be influenced by the fear of repercussions on my children. We are not in a position to eliminate the Greed and Corruption because they would rather Kill us all than give up their materialism that causes their greed. I am so saddened by all of this and trying to figure out what approach can be taken because I don’t want to getting any punishment out of this trouble. Maga Mouse sounds like a nice story. I’ll spread the info to as many as I can to help you achieve as much growth as I possibly can.

Thanks again for everything

Thomas (Thomas Adams Jr.)

PS. Sorry it took so long to write back as I assumed a lot of my stuff was stolen so I took a little while to obtain writing stuff and more stamps because my funds are limited to the $100 donation I get from the J6 support group once a month. Most of it went on hygiene and a few clothes the first chance I got had Plus a small amount of food as most of the food here is terrible so I don’t eat it some days. I am trying to get caught back up returning letters to everyone.

Thomas B Adams Jr

📬 Thomas B Adams Jr
FCI Forrest City Low
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 10
Forrest City, AR 72336

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Has been serving sentence for 141 days.

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