Dear Katelyn,

Happy Thanksgiving. I took the photo of the two rats that MAGA mouse sent me. I wrote “Kamala Harris & Joe Biden“ at the top of it and hung it up on my locker in my cell.  I really liked the letter you wrote to fellow patriots on our behalf. I especially liked the story of Eva Edl which brings me to my next point.

It is so very crucial that people like you and I (along with MAGA mouse) start to have this very important and dire conversation. We need to have it as often and as loud as possible. And that conversation is this: we are under a direct attack from communism here on American soil. It’s not coming. It’s not on its way. It’s here. Right now. It’s in our schools. Our media. The companies we spend our hard earned money with.  It owns our social media and our Internet.

We The People need to learn how to identify it and combat it. I highly recommend getting a copy of the book “The Anti-Communist Manifesto“ by Jesse Kelly and encouraging as many people as you can to read it.

We also need to immediately at once, start to get involved in local elections and that goes double for school board elections and just as importantly, we need to stop spending our money with these “woke“ communist companies that are giving millions of dollars to radical agendas that are seeking to destroy America and tare our moral fabric apart at its seams.

Companies like Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Target, and Google plus many many more. We The People must stop using Google. Replace it from our lives with DuckDuckGo. Replace our Gmail accounts with Proton mail. Remember that those three major cell phone companies turned all of us J6 or’s over to the FBI (which is illegal) plus donated 10’s of millions to BLM which in turn, burned our nation.

Voting for Republicans is not the answer. We must vote for other Anti-communists. Republicans have sold us out too. We must reset this war on our proud American culture. Wave that flag every chance you get. We must never replace our pride for their lack of pride. They will call us fascist, racist, bigot. All things that they themselves are. That is the communist way: “Blame those who are against you for what you are guilty of “.

Until we collectively learn to love God & Country again, we will be handing our Nation over to communists. God bless you Katelyn. Never let them have your American pride. Unless it’s your American boot… Kicking them in their communist face. God bless the USA!

Political prisoner: Barry Ramey

Look up and learn who Todd Gitland (Gitlin) was and what is going on at Columbia University N.Y…

P. S.
Several months ago I did an interview with Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit about exposing an Antifa member by the name of Josiah Kenyon who was arrested for Jan 6 related stuff.

I’m trying to get as many people to start sharing that article around as finally they are talking about “The Antifa Buses“ that were there.

There is important info in that article I shared.

Please share it with as many people as you can.

You can find it by typing my name in The Gateway Pundit search bar.

Thank you for being an Anti-communists.  We need to make more of us.


Barry Ramey

📬 Barry Ramey
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Has been incarcerated for 614 days.
including remaining serving time for 150 days.

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