Watkins, incarcerated for 8.5 years because of a rigged election followed by a rigged trial, is one of the best and prolific writers in the J6 community. As a veteran and former Firefighter/EMT, was a nonviolent J6 Political Prisoner that attended the Save America Rally to render aid to injured protesters or Law Enforcement. During her time on Capitol Grounds, she rendered aid to multiple injured individuals and stopped vandalism.

Let us not forget that this government inflicted largely undeserved long jail sentences to many, some longer than 10 years. This is what communist countries do and America can now rightly be called the Communist Republic of America. All the signs are here. Watkins however has some great ideas. 

“The Declaration of Independence for our Future Security”

(Introduction: The New Guards of our Future Security)

by: Jessica Watkins (A January 6th Political Prisoner #26050-509)

What I require, indeed demand, of you is a solemn duty. The time has come for Patriotic Americans to unite beyond their partisan lines, in order to protect the cumulative wellbeing of our Republic. Those that despise this Nation must now fall by the wayside. What I require of Americans will necessitate a line of division; to take a stand, either for this Nation or against her. The time for half-measures has now passed, and the time for accountability has begun. This moment in time demands gravitas; these statements may indeed be my Life’s Calling, and so I ask that you weigh my words carefully and with deliberation. Perhaps the divine purpose for my life is to have led to this point in history, that I might make these assertions before you today.

To define my intentions, I must lay a framework of understanding to articulate how this Nation has arrived at such a desperate precipice. I do this not to frighten, alarm, or incite but rather to establish a path forward; that we may step back from the brink and renew the covenant granted us by our Founding Fathers. I insist that we, as Americans, exercise those Rights which were enumerated to us by the Declaration of Independence. In so doing, I follow hallowed footsteps, regardless of cost and peril to self. I require now that you do likewise, against all difficulty and odds, in order to defend future American generations from tyranny; a fate of which our current Federal Government will invariably see brought to fruition, should we continue further down this desperate path.

What I assert today will thrust us vociferously into the annals of history, not as Founding Fathers, but as the New Guards of our Future Security; to become the defenders of this great Nation and to Reaffirm our Founding Principles. What I demand of you will require courage to act, selfless sacrifice and determination such as has not been seen since our Founders forged this great Nation. The gifts of Independence and Liberty have thus far been a mere Inheritance, perpetuated only by the sacrifices made by those who died in their defense. Those gifts must no longer be taken for granted, but rather Reaffirmed by We the People, the New Guards of our Future Security. Only through deliberate and forceful insistence, can we reestablish this great Nation as was intended at her Founding. The time has now come to lift the mantle of responsibility onto your shoulders; to stand and to be counted before your fellow countrymen and your Nation. It is your solemn duty to act in her defense. You can no longer stand idly by and hope that others will act on your behalf. The time for complacency and half-hearted protestations is over. You must act now, or fall under the yoke of subservience forever; resigning your lineage to the same.

The Federal Government has usurped the powers of these United and Sovereign States through an unelected, entrenched Bureaucracy; an unaccountable Administrative State that no longer represents the Consent of the Governed, nor does it fulfill the solemn duty to defend the citizenry by providing for the common defense. Americans have become complacent, disposed to suffer, and begrudgingly tolerant for the sake of comfort, tranquility, and familiarity. I put forth the proposition that a time has come for us to rise as the New Guards, to cast off complacency for the wellbeing of our Future Security, and to deem these Evils as no longer sufferable:

Our Borders are no longer jealousy defended, we surrender to our enemies and negotiate with terrorists, our citizens are taken hostage or left behind during humiliating military retreats, States’ Rights are violated by Executive Order and Statutory Usurpation, our currency -the fruits of your labor- is deliberately seized and deflated leaving our economy weakened and vulnerable in order to fund projects that do not represent the will of the governed, our Land is seized via Imminent Domain, our enemies are permitted to purchase land and to spy upon our military assets with impunity, our elections are not secure, and the Bill of Rights is unapologetically infringed upon without repercussions by an unelected bureaucracy.

Our daily lives are watched with distrust and disdain as we are subjected to unwarranted surveillance, our children are fed Socialist propaganda and sexual perversion as they are groomed, kidnapped and mutilated without parental consent, prayer is forbidden in schools, parents are deemed terrorists for defending the well-being of their children, Religious Institutions are placed under surveillance by Federal Law Enforcement, our Elected Representation acts with corrupt intent – flagrantly enriching themselves as they operate on behalf of foreign nations, our Nation’s sovereignty is surrendered to Globalist Oligarchs that seek to oppress American citizens without Representation, and we squander the inheritance and labors of our grandchildren in order to topple foreign governments, or to meddle in their affairs.

Furthermore, peaceful protesters are declared Enemies of the State and summarily incarcerated as Political Prisoners, the Police State actively monitors and incarcerates citizens under false pretenses, the Department of Justice and FBI commit perjury and fabricate evidence to incarcerate the innocent, Due Process is violated and Defendants are no longer Innocent until Proven Guilty, Presidential Candidates are now charged and Indicted with the express purpose of swaying elections against them while Crime is allowed to spread unmitigated, Free Speech and the Press are routinely censored by Federal Agencies, Vaccines and untested medical treatments have been foisted upon you by Executive Order, Illegal Immigrants are fed and housed while our Veterans starve in the street. The Executive Branch acts as the Legislative Branch, the Legislative Branch acts as the Judicial Branch, and the Judicial Branch operates with flagrant disregard for the Constitution.

This lengthy, yet largely incomplete, list of offenses has reached an inflection point that is no longer tolerable. Therefore, I assert that we must follow the path laid down by our Founding Fathers – to Alter the Federal Government, to reestablish a Federalist Republic, allowing the States to handle their own affairs; to subsequently Defederalize our Nation via Constitutional Convention.

The Federal Government has become tyrannical, destructive to the Rights and Liberties that we once enjoyed, and has expanded far beyond the framework established by the Founding Fathers, in the Constitution. The Federal Government must therefore be drastically Altered and then renewed, lest the nation devolve into further Despotism. This perilous task must be undertaken whilst our current Republic remains reparable. We, the New Guards of our Future Security, must now rise to that challenge. This God given Right was established and enumerated within the Declaration of Independence by our Founding Fathers. It is that Right that we must now assert, for the betterment of our Republic, in the present and for our future generations.

The Declaration of Independence states:

“…to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving these just powers from the CONSENT of the governed, that whenever ANY form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the RIGHT of the PEOPLE to ALTER or Abolish it, and to institute NEW Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their SAFETY and HAPPINESS. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments LONG ESTABLISHED should not be changed for light and transient causes…”

It is this RIGHT that I call upon you to enact, not to Alter our Government for petty and transient partisan causes, nor for personal gain, but rather to ensure the Future Security of our Republic. The Federal Government must now be changed drastically so that our nation does not descend into further tyranny. As the New Guards of our Future Security, this is our DUTY!

The Declaration of Independence further states:

“…all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to SUFFER, while EVILS ARE SUFFERABLE, than to RIGHT THEMSELVES by abolishing the forms [of Government] to which they are accustomed. But, when a long train of ABUSES and USURPATIONS, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce [mankind] under absolute Despotism, it is the RIGHT [of the governed], it is their DUTY, to throw off such Government, and to provide NEW GUARDS for their FUTURE SECURITY.”

This is this moment where we now find our Nation. Together, we must decide to either continue to endure insufferable evils, or to throw off such Government and to establish ourselves as the New Guards for our Future Security. It is that end that I now implore you to pursue. I hereby declare that the time has come to Alter our Federal Government, to reestablish the Rights and Liberties that have, until now, been enjoyed as a mere Inheritance. We must return governing power to the States.

Altering the Federal Government is no frivolous task; Federal powers would not be surrendered willingly to the States. The Federal Government would vehemently resist any such effort, thus it must be allowed no other recourse. The cost to establish this Nation was paid in blood, a price that must not be needlessly paid once more. It is our duty to exercise our Rights to Alter the Federal Government, not with violence, but lawfully and within the confines of the Constitutional framework. Therefore, I assert that the only solution is to convene a Constitutional Convention, to introduce new Constitutional Amendments. There is no other lawful path forward to curtail the powers being usurped by the United States Government; but we have arrived at such an impasse.

The convening of a Constitutional Convention would necessitate the Federal Government surrender its power to the States, pending further Alteration. States must manage their own affairs, and Federal powers curtailed. I propose the following Alterations:

1.) Term limits for Senators, Congressmen, and Supreme Court Justices.

2.) Limit the Federal Powers to: War Powers and Ensuring the Common Defense; Border Protection and Enforcement; Arbiters for Interstate Disputes; The US Marshals to enforce Terrorism laws, Internet Sex Crime laws and to conduct Interstate Prisoner Transfers; and the Secret Service for Counterfeiting Laws, Credit Card Fraud and Protective Details.

3.) Abolish: DHS, FBI, ATF, DEA, TSA, IRS, CDC, FCC, FDA, USPS, NPR, DOT, BLM, Dept of Justice, Dept of Education, OSHA, and other innumerable Federal entities within the Administrative State.

4.) Limit the CIA/NSA to Foreign Intelligence gathering only, and Criminalize misuse of the FISA Courts.

5.) Secure the Currency with Precious Metals; abolish the Federal Reserve

6.) Use Imminent Domain to seize all Acreage purchased by China

7.) Comprise the US Military of State Regiments/Coast Guards.

8.) Supreme Court to ensure State laws remain Constitutionally compliant.

9.) Establish a limited balanced Federal Budget and outlaw pork barrel spending

10.) Outlaw Fiscal Lobbying/Insider Trading

11.) Sunset Federal Statutory Laws and Executive Orders

12.) Cease direct Taxation of Citizens by the Federal Government

13.) Return Social Security withholdings to each Citizen; close the SSA.

14.) Decentralize the remaining Federal Government, and return the original borders of Washington D.C. to Maryland and Virginia.

15.) Criminalize Prosecutorial misconduct

16.) Establish an Independent “Office of Public Accountability” (OPA), to conduct audits of Public Servants for corruption, misconduct, and Foreign Influence peddling; accountable only to the Public, not Government

17.) Amendments to defend Private Property and Parental Rights

18.) Pardon all Federal Inmates that have not committed an aforementioned offense

With the list of Federal overreaches, usurpations, and Constitutional violations growing daily, many of the issues we face originate with the Globalist Agenda; spearheaded by the corporatists and oligarchs that seek to micromanage the entire planet, dictate our Nation’s behaviors, regulations and policies, or to absorb the American citizen’s tax dollar to fund wars outside our borders. Many of the economic policies that affect the average American family have Global origins; with the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, NATO, the World Health Organization and others. The Defederalization Agenda however, would shift the power back to the States, and necessitate a withdrawal from the UN, NATO, Interpol, the WHO and other foreign or globalist entities; severing America from the Paris Climate Accord, the G7 Summit, NAFTA, WEF, and end participation in the World Trade Agreement. This step is as important as seizing control from the Federal Government and returning it to the States, reaffirming this Nation as a Sovereign Federalist Republic which is beholden to none.

This would however face stark opposition on the Global stage, the ripples of such a change reaching every corner of the globe. While Embassies and Ambassadors would still need to remain operational to facilitate Diplomatic relations with foreign nations, the withdrawal from NATO and the UN would receive immediate backlash. These Organizations depend on American resources and manpower to function, and would be alarmed by an American withdrawal. Without the United States, they hold little strength or cohesion, and are unlikely to afford continued operations; they rarely meet their agreed upon financial obligations. Our participation in these parasitic Organizations must end. Americans must no longer fiscally support Organizations that serve at the behest of the Globalists. This would return International Diplomacy to the purview of the Ambassadors; elevating their status to one of higher prominence and prestige, as is befitting of the appointment.

Furthermore, the United States Military and the DOD, State Department, CIA and the NSA must no longer be permitted to meddle in the affairs of foreign nations, conduct assassinations or to topple their governments without an explicit War Declaration from Congress. Our Military must no longer serve as “The World Police”, and the Federal Agencies with International influence must be relegated to intelligence gathering; maintaining vigilant surveillance of our Enemies, Rogue Nations, the Caliphate, or of Narco States. These threats must certainly not be ignored, but the American taxpayer cannot continue to fund needless International meddling at the behest of Globalists. More importantly, Americans must certainly never again be the targets of such efforts by the CIA, the NSA, and the FISA Courts. Defederalization coupled with Deglobalization, would result in deregulation and signify a return to Fiscal responsibility; balancing our budget and repaying the debt. With the American taxpayer no longer under the oppressive burden of weighty Internal and External budgetary needs, the Economy would rebound dramatically. But, any such effort would face multipronged and frightening resistance; from Corporations, Federally and from abroad. So then, how would we overcome such machinations?

While the theory of Defederalization may be intellectually stimulating, it would remain as little more than a theory without concerted effort to bring the Agenda to fruition. Enacting the Agenda would take dedication, focus and sacrifice. The Federal Government, Big Media and Big Tech would ridicule, censor, and demean any such effort; attempting to quash the movement before any momentum could be made. This is akin to cancerous white blood cells attacking healthy cells in the body. The powers wielded by the Federal Government, particularly as it has formed the inevitable symbiotic merger with Corporate Media sources, is unironically associated with Fascism. This infamous brand of totalitarianism is defined as the hybrid of Socialism entwined with Corporate Crony Capitalism – the antithesis of Free Market Capitalism. It is to the brink of Fascism that the Leftists have brought us, aided and abetted by those in the Federal Government.

It is for this reason, amongst aforementioned reasons, that I demand the free thinking American citizen, regardless of Party affiliation, to insist upon Defederalization. We must enact this Agenda, and imminently, before the iron fist of tyranny tightens upon the throat of each citizen writ large. Therefore, I assert that convening the Constitutional Convention should be an issue of highest import, one that must be on the ballot during THIS Election Cycle. The National language of prominent Conservatives must mirror this language; by the pundits, the talk show hosts, podcasters, and any Liberty espousing individuals with an audience. Those conducting interviews with politicians must hold their proverbial feet to the fire, to demand those politicians take a definitive stance on the issue of Defederalization. Doing so will alter the political climate, bringing the possibility into the realm of actuality. @MarkLevin has advocated for convening a Constitutional Convention for years, often for similar causes as I espouse today. He must not stand alone, those like @GlennBeck, @DanBongino, and others would need to join him, to shift the conversation forcefully into the mainstream. For those without an audience, calls for #Defederalization must ripple outward on Social Media. This is what I demand of YOU, but is only the first step in achieving a Constitutional Convention intent on enacting the Defederalization Agenda.

Only by altering the political landscape, will the politicians feel pressured to convene a Constitutional Convention to enact the Defederalization Agenda. It will necessitate that the voters circulate discussions of Defederalization en masse, as I do with you now. Doing so will push the Agenda into the mainstream. You can begin by sharing this very dissertation. However, this “Declaration of Independence for our Future Security” is only the beginning. I insist that you craft your own arguments; that you dovetail your discussions ad nauseum with my propositions. This will spur conversations with friends, family and followers; to generate interest in affirmatively altering our Republic and shifting the attitude towards States Rights and for Liberty. Some may retort, voicing their fears that the 2nd Amendment would be discarded or drastically altered during a Constitutional Convention. This discussion is inevitable, and is a reasonable and valid concern. Such an Amendment however, is highly unlikely to be Ratified. There are insufficient votes to enable such a pursuit. So while paranoia surrounding such a discussion is understandable, those fears must not act as a deterrent from pursuing the Defederalization Agenda. We would be required to convene a Constitutional Convention to enact Defederalization, which is necessary in order to lawfully restore the Sovereignty of our Republic and return effectuated Liberty to her citizens.

Bringing Defederalization into reality will require a concerted effort; serving as Trickle Up Politics, initiated by the citizens and reaching up to the highest echelons in the United States Government. Innumerable steps would be required to move the Defederalization Agenda from the random postulations of an incarcerated Political Prisoner into a Ratified Constitution. The audacity of what I seek to accomplish is nothing short of astonishing. What other recourse have we, as Americans, to fix our Republic? The reality of Defederalizing our nation is daunting; incredibly monumental in scope, overwhelming when we consider the “Big Picture” and the associated potential repercussions. Indeed, the cost of Defederalization may include personal sacrifice; perhaps even becoming a Political Prisoner yourself. Never underestimate the resolve of the Deep State to retain power; a power we seek to return to the States.

Step 1.) Circulate “The Declaration of Independence for our Future Security” online. I’ve done painstaking work in assembling this Defederalization concept; a topic you have likely discussed, albeit piecemeal, in your everyday life; a theory you may rarely find articulated in a concise format. As a J6 Political Prisoner and codefendant of President Donald J. Trump, my unique voice can formulate the initiating basis for your personal arguments. Use the #Defederalization hashtag to increase visibility of your own discussions online.

Step 2.) Create #Defederalize memes, Posts, and tag your favorite Talk Show pundits and Politicians. Push Defederalization to the foreground of your discussions. For those who “call in” to Talk Shows, ask the hosts pointed questions surrounding Defederalization. Record and share your interactions.

Step 3.) Call your Congressmen and demand their stance on Defederalization. Record your phone call, and share the results online. Expose the reaction with your followers. For those who attend rallies to speak with Politicians, postulate the Defederalization Agenda coupled with Constitutional Convention with them during this impromptu interview. Film/Livestream the interaction.

Step 4.) Draft a petition and obtain signatures to show widespread support for Defederalization. Language surrounding the Agenda must include Constitutional Convention, and returning power to the States.

Step 5.) Likely, by this stage, the Defederalization Agenda has received backlash by Big Media and Big Government. Expose these reactions and capture related soundbites from pundits. Circulate these statements virally, and be mindful that powerful Lobbying is likely occurring in the background to prompt these reactions. Check the publicly available Financial donations to these politicians. Connect those dots! The Globalists, Big Corporations, and Federally vampiric Organizations will be resisting your efforts vehemently in the background.

Step 6.) Create reputable Nonprofit Organizations dedicated to bringing awareness to the Defederalization Agenda. Use these groups to create a platform of advocacy, and use these groups to obtain permits for public demonstrations. No grifting allowed! Be VERY mindful of your finances. Keep everything on the “up and up.” Remember, the IRS (whom we seek to dismantle) WILL come for you. The FBI and DOJ will gladly assist in those Investigations. Be mindful of the backlash the Tea Party received. Those establishing Defederalization Nonprofits will be placing a MASSIVE target upon themselves, merely for the “crime” of existing. Know and prepare for this eventuality; budget for and keep an attorney on retainer for that expressed inevitable purpose. The Feds will likely attempt to litigate, using lawfare to crush your Nonprofit under the tyrannical boot of Federal totalitarianism. Expect it.

Step 7.) You MUST protest. Peacefully! Protest. Occupy the lawns of Statehouses, Governors Mansions, and Capitol Buildings; fill the streets Nationwide. You must do so! Shame those who agree to Defederalize, but are unwilling to stand for their beliefs. Defederalization will require crowds like those seen in 2020; at the Million MAGA March or by Black Lives Matter. Do NOT make Defederalization a partisan issue! The Agenda to return power to the States is as good for Democrat voters as for Conservatives. Reach across the aisle to find common ground with those sensible individuals who do not necessarily share your values. Take to the streets, and have your voices heard! Doing so will pull the Defederalization Agenda out of the realm of cyberspace and into public spaces and will give visibility to the movement. This Agenda MUST impinge upon the world to become disruptive to the Mainstream narrative.

Step 8.) DO NOT TALK TO THE MEDIA! They are your worst ENEMY! The Media may attempt to interview you. Be cognizant that the Media will seek the most ignorant, uneducated, and (frankly) stupid protesters to interview. Protect them from this Corporate Media predation. DO NOT TALK TO THE MEDIA!

Thus far, I have addressed the possibility of Defederalization; the steps that could be used to force the Agenda into the Mainstream, and a few of the hazards or impediments you are likely to face. Thus far, the danger has often been theoretical, but would become quite literal if the movement needs to expand onto public streets. Those calling for Defederalization via Constitutional Convention would quickly draw the ire of the Federal Agencies and Corporatists, who stand to lose their monopoly on power. Look no further than the IRS targeting the Tea Party, the FBI declaring Parents terrorists for attending School Board meetings, the surveillance of Catholic Churches, the Disinformation Governance Board seeking to censor Conservatives online, and the DoJ targeting President Trump to prevent him from entering Office. If you doubt the resolve of Federal Law Enforcement, need I summon the memories of January 6th?

Any political movement that involves exercising the 1st Amendment (to Petition your Government for Redress of Grievances via Peaceable Assembly) carries numerous risks. With the Defederalization movement, the sources of resistance will be numerous. Certainly any group of protesters would be infiltrated by countless Federal Agents and their army of Informants. These individuals will attempt to entrap protesters; bringing throwable objects to distribute, inciting vandalism and committing acts of assault against Law Enforcement. Like Ray Epps, they would encourage illegal actions or spout hostile rhetoric. Do not rise to join them, and actively attempt to prevent others from doing so. Do not use rhetoric in your text messages, online, or make any statements that could be misconstrued as such. Anything you say can and WILL be used against you. Do not delete anything, as this could also be used against you. Conspiracy is a very real charge, and you need only to prove that there were people NEXT to you; your own actions are irrelevant. The actions of others can also be used against you. On January 6th I stopped vandalism twice. Despite this, I still faced a Destruction of Government Property charge, of which the Jury found me Not Guilty. The Federal Government still sought to imprison me for Life without the Possibility of Parole, for crimes that I did not commit. Despite my provable innocence, I speak to you today from a (pretty nice) Gulag; a Political Prisoner.

While exercising your 1st Amendment, the Police may attack, particularly if Agent Provocateurs infiltrate the crowd. These bad actors will throw objects at Police, invoking a response of less lethal munitions, curfew and mass arrest. Leave your children home! By attending a protest, you accept the risk of Police violence inadvertently injuring you. Document your injuries, and share your experience online. DO NOT FIGHT BACK! Martyrs are innocents. Rioters are criminals. This is what made Tiananmen Square notable; the Government killed peaceful students, who took their stand at risk to self. The protesters in India secured freedom from the British Government with nonviolent resistance, many of whom were slaughtered in the attempt. You MUST be peaceful. The Police may hurt you, but DO NOT RETALIATE! In so doing, you WILL become the villain; a poster child that would delegitimize the Defederalization Agenda. Violence against the Police is reprehensible. Furthermore those Police Officers will be securing the very Rights that we seek to endow upon the State Government, for whom they are employed. Treat them with respect. If they hurt you, seek medical attention. Walk away. Obey the curfew. Do NOT trespass, it will be spun as Insurrection or Sedition.

Document anything suspicious, to share online and with Local Law Enforcement. False Flags are likely to be used against the protesters, to alter the narrative and tarnish the reputation of Defederalization. Keeping the peace is as much a responsibility of the Protester as the local Police. I refer once again to January 6th. The J6 protesters had a Right to protest on Capitol grounds; the permits were signed by Capitol Police and the President of the United States invited the American people to attend. The 1st Amendment protects Peaceable Assembly. This is why Provocateurs, Undercover Agents, Counter-protesters (like Antifa), and Informants incited aggressive Police tactics. The seemingly wanton Police response then baited gullible protesters to retaliate; abandoning the righteous cause for which they stood, devolving to mere rioters. This gave the Media the ammunition required to defame all the attendees, to perpetuate a false Insurrection narrative. With that cleverly crafted narrative, the Federal Government had the predicate to swarm down upon the Nation, incarcerating droves of Political Prisoners. Defederalization Protests would likely face similar conditions. Regardless, I demand that you take the high road and remain peaceful. Do not fall into the trap of retaliation against Law Enforcement. Don’t “play hero”. Your freedom isn’t free. In the attempt, you may be injured, killed, or sleep in a prison cell as a Political Prisoner. By standing up for our Republic peaceably, that is a price you must be willing to pay.

Ultimately, it is the burden of the American people to seize the reigns of power from the overreaching Federal Government, and to return said power to the State Governments. We, the New Guards of our Future Security, must follow strictly lawful means and measures. We must toe the line, and demand our Republic return to the intent of the Founding Fathers. We must do so NOW, for if we do not, we may lose our Republic and our National Sovereignty for all time. This is why I have offered my insight, guidelines, and personal experience. History will remember how we conduct ourselves in this pursuit. The movement of Defederalization and Deglobalization are however, of the utmost importance. Too many Liberties have been sacrificed on the altar of potential comfort, of which we have rarely (if ever) seen brought to fruition. As was stated by one of our most profound of Founding Fathers,

“Those who trade Freedom for Security, will have neither.”

~Benjamin Franklin

The freedoms we surrender today will never be known by the generations of tomorrow. Our nation is going bankrupt and our Economy is failing. Congress no longer Represents the will of the governed, and enriches themselves unabashedly. We meddle in foreign affairs, tolerate crime waves and Illegal immigration, and have become the land of Mass Incarceration. We must Defederalize. We must make definitive repairs to our Republic. The Constitution must be restored via Constitutional Convention. We must no longer fall prey to predatory partisan politics that continue to divide our nation; Red and Blue States must be left to manage their own affairs without Federal meddling. This election cycle is our time to rise and show the world that democracy still thrives; to make a difference, to make history, to prove that we ARE the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave! I implore you America, we must act now. Call your Congressmen and women. Spread the word. Force Defederalization into the public narrative, and together let us all Make America Great Again!


Sincerely, Imploringly, and Boldly,

Jessica Watkins

Political Prisoner #26050-509

Jessica Watkins

Jessica Watkins

Jessica Watkins
P.O. BOX 5000

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Has been incarcerated for 1082 days.
including remaining serving time for 142 days.

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