[6/3/2024 7:54 AM] from Robert Palmer
As i have told you all and as i am POSITIVE you all know about the health care or lack of it should i say here in the BOP. As a matter of fact i believe i have told you about the man with terminal cancer who they sent back into the unit to basically wait to die. Well he had a stroke about 4 days ago and now he most likely is gone for good. There are MANY MANY examples i will be letting the world know once i am free from the clutches of this corrupt system. But one really urks me i thought you should know. There is someone that worked with me in UNICOR who said he was female. The BOP helped him by giving him estrogen for a long time and guess what???? TODAY he left for a sex change paid for by guess who?? YOU GUYS!!! That’s correct he is getting his privates chopped off at YOUR expense! Meanwhile we can not even get to see the doctor for life threatening conditions in a timely manner. Please share this with others you know and i do thank you all for your love and support! 🙂

Robert Palmer

📬 Robert Palmer
Federal Corrections Complex
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Has been serving sentence for 893 days.

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