Super Tuesday

Dear Ms. Barbara,

Hello. I hope that you were having a wonderful day today.

Thank you so much for sending Jenn the $600. As much as it helps us though, I do not want you digging into your emergency funds to give us help. Now what happens if your car needs fixing? So thank you but be careful not to put yourself in a spot for me. That was very nice of you. Thank you. Oh! I know. I will pay it back after all this mess is behind us. That would make me feel better about it.

I know that it’s out of my hands and if it’s God‘s will, it’s God‘s will but I really hope that Jenn‘s stepfather is able to stick with us a while longer. He is one of the most stubborn people I’ve ever known. And he’s a pain in the butt. Always has something to say that makes you want to snap at him. He still works in the garage as much as he can. I think he would probably die if he couldn’t work during the day and drink at night. He’s from Sweden originally so the more he drinks the harder it is to understand what he’s saying… I love and miss the old man. So I’m looking forward to seeing him again.

That’s cool that you’re going to go to Florida and visit friends. Have fun. Did I tell you that I lived in Florida? 30 years or so in Saint Petersburg over by Tampa. It was very nice out there. For me though, I was at the beach a lot and growing up there, I found myself getting in trouble more than I should have. God gave me Jenn and she said we were moving to Virginia so I live in Virginia now and it was the best move ever. I do love Virginia plus Virginia is where my kids know. It’s even got all four seasons. You just don’t get that in Florida. Anyways I hope you have an awesome visit with your friends. Tell them all I say hello and to vote for Trump. That would help me out. 🙂

I do have a great life and all the kids are such good and kind kids too. They love to share and give hugs and kisses and “help“ clean the house. I am very lucky and blessed. As for family disowning me… I would call and talk to my brother, mom and sister at least once a week before getting locked up and I haven’t heard anything from them since. They haven’t called to check on Jenn and the kids or to ask about me. They all live in Florida. And my dad, stepmother and stepbrother, who live out in California, I think may have turned me into the FBI for being at the Capitol that day. That’s liberals for you. But truth be told I would rather have what I have than them all. They have cut themselves off. My mom is still going to be in my life but the rest I’m over honestly.

I will tell Jenn about Dr. Ardis on Mike Adams on Rumble. Rumble is my favorite platform to watch any of my podcasts on. She’s probably already heard about it. She’s really good at being on top of things when it comes to the little ones.

OK I’m going to wrap this up now. Thank you so much for everything.

Love your friend,


Markus Maly

📬 Markus Maly
FCI Bennettsville
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 52020
Bennettsville, SC 29512

Incarcerated since 1/26/2022
or 863 days.

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