Dear (Amazing) Katelyn Mervar,
Thank you so much for reaching back out to me after my relocation to Lewisburg. You have been sending me mail for a very long time now and I want you to know you haven’t wasted your time, your energy, your finances, or your prayers on me once! I always love hearing from you, and I love your handwriting. Much better than mine! You invest a lot of compassion in each of the cards you sent to me and other Jan 6 defendants and I want you to know that you inspire me to stay the course and make someone like you proud. I have yet to screw myself over and get in trouble. I kept a job at Northern Neck Regional Jail for 367 days against the outrageous odds. I host Bible studies every night at 7 PM here at Lewisburg. I am staying fit and away from the drugs and fights. I have done everything in my power to remain physically strong. Mentally awake. And morally straight. But not just for myself. For my mother and father, for other patriots like yourself, and for our King. I want to make them proud too.

Speaking of the Bible studies, we just finished the book of Ephesians and are going back to Proverbs! I try to bounce back and forth from “The Good News” to the Book of Wisdom with the Bible Study so we can understand what was actually being written and communicated all those years ago. I am now at the point Kaitlyn where some scripture, I can’t read out loud without my vision becoming blurred. I am painfully aware what this journey means, and what this journey through the underworld has the potential to produce within me if I remain perceptive and keep my Integrity.

I couldn’t help but think of the movie “Sandlot” when I read what you wrote at the top of the page about how “Jesus Christ remains the same yesterday, today, and forever”. Have you ever seen that movie? That might be a little before your time depending on your age, but if you haven’t seen it, go check it out.

I appreciate you sending me the one liners and continuing to lift me up in prayer. The evidence of spiritual warfare IS all around me so I am thankful for that Spiritual Back Up. Don’t stop anytime soon. I need it now more than ever.

As of right now I have 40 days and 40 nights till I am sentenced, sound familiar? I hope my date doesn’t get pushed back any further like it has in the past. But if it doesn’t, my faith will be decided very soon. Therefore, I do not want to have any drama or complications right before the finish line!!! So Katelyn, I could use your prayers for that especially. And of course for hopefully a short sentence. I have worked very hard to show The Judge, The Country, and The World the type of Character I have. I hope that will influence the hearts and minds of those determining my fate to administer some Mercy. So I could use some prayers in that regard too.

I don’t know if I have recommended these to you before, but if not check out these two songs: “Starlight” by Amanda Cook & Bethel Music (but I don’t listen to the live version). And “Confident” by Stephanie Gretzinger. Those two songs have been on my heart and mind since the beginning and I have sung them quietly to myself through many heartbreaking, lonely, dangerous nights.

Also, if you or your family/friends are interested in learning more about me there are 2 good ways of going about it.

You can obviously look up my GiveSendGo, but not to donate, please don’t feel obligated at all, instead check out the different posts that my mother has updated that include “Character references” “Artifacts” of peoples expression of approval of me, and Occurrences as they develop through this oddly eventful escapade through the underworld. GiveSendGo.com/legoman.com

You can also find two websites that tell a good story about the life I lived before I was arrested. One covers who I was and what I advocated for in college, it’s called: “In Defense of My Friend, the January 6 ‘Lego Man’ by Kylie Thomas of Valiant News. (I guess you’ll have to Google those.)

The other website catalogs the mural I painted with the help of my magnificent crew in the summer of 2020. The story I tell, the Easter eggs I hid, and the history lesson of our ancestors can be found at the website called: TheGreatWarsMural.godaddysites.com (100th Anniversary Mural Unveiling | By Petersburg American Legion on Facebook.com)

I hope those locations online help you get to know me better. You can also listen to my voice every Saturday night. I have been selected to be “The Closer” for the Vigil‘s here at Lewisburg PA. You can find those on stophate.com I believe.

Talk to you soon Katelyn! Thank you for all you do!
Humbly and faithfully yours, your Political Prisoner Robert A Morris AKA The Lego man

Prayers lead the way