Nicole Reffitt Reporting from Washington DC

So many things going on in the DC Federal courthouse related to Jan 6ers, but I was able to sit in on Donnie Wren and Thomas Smiths jury trial today.

Their Judge is Judge Reggie Walton, a Bush appointed, senior judge since 2015, that believes there will be future political violence if the support for Jan 06 and the defendants continues. Walton has said, “It is scary going forward as a country where we end up?? Because what happened on Jan 06 is not just something in the past. It is something that still haunts us because the individuals who instigated what occurred are still in engaging in the same rhetoric that resulted in the frenzy that took place that day. This is a very serious situation because it goes though the root of what we are supposed to be as a democracy.” Judge Walton is a very tough judge.

Donnie and Thomas lawyers did a great job of showing and explaining parts of video that showed police violence on protesters, and messages that told loved ones that they were safe, but police were throwing flash bangs, and beating people. This is actual testimony from Special Agent Baugh who is the lead FBI agent on their case. She and the rest of the prosecution team thought they were painting Donnie and Tommy as violent white supremacist Trump supporters, but what they were laying themselves open for was video put on the record that showed police beating American citizens. Hopefully the jury will open their eyes to the truth, and really see the brutality that day.

The prosecution tried to portray them as violent extremist, and when the defense team read Facebook posts that the government had entered into evidence, that they had cherry picked to fit their narrative, but read now completely, and within context made sense, and not violent. When the defense asked Special Agent Baugh, after she had read the entirety of a post, was asked what was violent about the post, she responded after rescanning the post, that the word Patriot was used quite often. Oh okay, so now the term Patriot equates violence, at least at the new FBI it does.

The government rested yesterday, and today Donnie and Tommy will begin their case in chief. Keep our Jan 6ers in your prayers!