March 28th 2023

Hi Katelyn, Sarah and Rebecca;

I know I am cheating by answering you all in one letter, but I know how wonderful and understanding you all are. Is that enough flattery to keep me out of trouble?

To answer Sarah‘s question; yes I get lots of mail. Most of the time it is letters from people I have been writing for a long time. I have gotten several lately from first time contacts. Sometimes the letters are from people who learned of the Patriot Mail Project by listening to some well-known conservative talk show hosts.

Sarah, I answered your riddle correctly, without cheating!

Yes Rebecca, I have a very nice Bible that a dear couple, who are about my age bought for me. They even had my name put on the front in gold letters. They asked me what I wanted and I told him I would want a King James Edition. It has both the New and Old Testament and Christ’s words in red. They said they had a hard time finding the King James Edition. Some of those other Bibles may be easier to understand, but I fear they may be easier to mislead also. Anyone who publishes a Bible better heed the warning given in the Scriptures about adding to or taking from the Gospel of Christ.

I do know the story about what Joseph went through on his journey of trials and tribulations. He surely had cause to just give up. I want to have just as goodly portion of that kind of trust and faith that Joseph possessed.

The guy who played golf to free his mind had it figured out. I just want to know one thing! What was his best score? Ha ha.

I love the names that you gave your cat and dog. I may steal the name “Liberty” for a new puppy I plan on getting once I get free. I am going to get a Shih-Tzu. My ex-wife and I got one about 15 years ago and I love her very much, but I am sure you know, she is living on borrowed time. After I was sentenced, I figured I would never see her again.

I do so love the Snoopy card, I wish it had passed the mail police. The artwork is quite good.

Many thanks to all of you for all the kind and encouraging words, and most of all, for the prayers.

WOW; that is some story about the cat. I have heard stories like that before. It is kind of like homing pigeons, only even more amazing.

Thank you Sarah, your prayers are enough. The Scriptures state that the prayers of the righteous person availeth much.

I will close now. May God be with you all always and richly bless you.
Lonnie Coffman