Dear Barbara Levich,


I loved your letter and all the resources you included inside! I want you to know that I am indeed saved and have been very aware of a Spiritual Battle we are locked in. Luckily, I was raised by incredible parents who both love this Country and love the Lord! I have known Christ and our Father in heaven since I was a boy. But I have never become as close to our King as I have during this latest harrowing adventure. So rest assured, if we don’t get to meet in person once I am free, we will get to meet in the afterlife. We are both going to go to the same home.😊

Though I am not Catholic, I plan on supporting the Catholic Church and all its people in the coming days ahead as the FBI just labeled the Catholic Church as a domestic terrorist organization. It’s time for all believers in Christ to ban together because they aren’t just coming for our wealth, our land or our rights anymore. They now want our children, and our faith, which should enrage every believer in Christ who desires action. We were warned this day would come…

In the midst of all the chaos & confusion, I find strength in what Vicktor Frankl writes in his book, “Man’s Search for Meaning” that says, “With a good enough ‘why’, you can bear any ‘how’. I am so glad you included Franckl’s story in your letter. I am 100% on board. My ‘why’ is our children and our faith. That is why I joined the army and served for 4 1/2 years. That is why I decided to dedicate my entire adult life to being a high school history teacher, and that is why I will not give up as a political prisoner. Our children, and our faith is worth fighting for!

I have also escaped in my mind to my memories of the Pacific Northwest when I was stationed in Fort Lewis Washington while at second Ranger Battalion. I miss the trees, the rain, Chambers Bay, Pointe Defiance, Alk Beach, the Anacortes. I pine for it all as I am held inside of a cold and unforgiving concrete box. One day I will return, and perhaps make some additional unforgettable memories in your state of Washington. Until then, my plan is to make you proud, and continue to Stay the Course until my time has come.

Thank you for your love & Support Barbara! Humbly & Faithfully yours, your Political Prisoner,

Robert Morss AKA The Lego Man

Prayers lead the why