Dear Barbara,
It was very nice to hear from you! So the good news is at my trial, I was only found guilty of the lesser charges but when it came to the real serious charges I was found NOT guilty. Very happy about that.

I hope Ryan S. is doing OK. He’s a good guy. Did you get a chance to see the Tucker Carlson release of the J6 video footage? I got to listen to part two over the phone. Hoping even more comes out.

Here in Alexandria us J6rs are kept in lockdown all day and night. We never get out. They say it’s because we are so close to the Capitol. What a joke. We really know it’s because they don’t like us. Mainly they don’t like who we voted for.

Praying every day for our great nation. God Bless you and God Bless the USA.

Your friend
Barry Ramey