Dear Barbara,

Thank you for your letter, your inspirational words and for the books you sent me. I received all
4 books, thank you again. You spoil me with kindness and knowledge. I haven’t read “Aesop’s
Fables” since elementary school I very much look forward to reading every book. I read every
day, an hour or so from whatever book I’m currently reading during the day, and I try to read at
least five chapters of the Bible before bed every night. I just finished the Book of Jeremiah last
night. So I’m almost done with the Old Testament which I never read before.
To answer your question, no I have not been baptized. I have thought about it and I would love
to be baptized. I heard on the news a while back that people were being baptized in the
Willamette River near downtown Portland. I thought how cool and meaningful would that be. I
consider Portland a godless city and to be baptized there it would have a message and

I believe all this chaos is happening because society has turned away from God. Unfortunately,
people need tribulation and hardships for them to start awakening to the truth. Everything
going on is ultimately a war on God in my opinion. Everything is backwards and nothing makes
any sense. If one tries to understand what is going on, trying to explain why it’s all lies, deceit
and evil. For this much evil in the world, the opposite must be true. It had to be this way to
expose it all. I hope this is the awakening period, and when enough people start to awaken to
the truth and the ultimate truth, that God is real, then maybe all this chaos that is happening
will start to turn around and order will be restored.

One thing for sure is that the truth has been censored. Our first amendment is dead and most
people have no idea because of censorship. Tucker Carlson who was the highest rated news
show was fired because he spoke too much truth. I enjoy Tucker as listening to him report
things that everyone else is afraid to even mention was reassuring that I wasn’t losing my mind.
I could always count on Tucker to report hard truths. The Gateway Pundit along with
CitizensFreePress were some of my main sources of news. In here the only source of real news
is my Epoch Times weekly newspaper. I’ve always been a news junkie.
That is all for now. I look forward to the next letter. Thank you again for all you do.

God bless,

Richard Harris

📬 Richard Harris
FDC SeaTac
Federal Detention Center
PO Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198

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Has been serving sentence for 331 days

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