11 May 2024
Day 116

1 Peter 3:14


Howdy Barbara!

So great to hear from you! My apologies for the lapse in time since my previous letter &
yours. It’s been rough in here as well,as for my family. My wife, Carolyn, recently lost her job.
That unfortunately adds a level of fear she has been struggling to control. There’s not much I
can do from in here, but I try to remind her that God provides & that there is peace in Christ.
You have such a large and diverse family. That is truly a blessing. And, don’t feel bad, no one
listens to me either. With wisdom comes the defiance of others to hear it. Also, my apologies
for not including my wife’s name. I definitely do not call her, “she.” Ha Ha I see her as a part of
myself; my “rib.” We are 1 body. We are “celebrating” 15 yrs of marriage on May 16th. This is
not how I would prefer to spend our anniversary, but there are many more to come. I spent our
last anniversary listening to the opening arguments, sitting in a federal court in DC, for my trial.
She took that day to travel to DC for the rest of my trial, but was only there for 2 days out of the
3 wks. Listening to the government prosecutors lie, slander, & paint a grotesque picture of me
& my family was too much for her to handle. She had to leave the courtroom multiple times
because they were causing her to cry uncontrollably. The last several years have taken a huge
toll on my family. I have tried my best to be a pillar of faith, strength, & positivity for them. I tend
to be optimistic, to a fault.

My youngest son plays football. My oldest son did, as well, but now he is in the Navy &
has a family of his own. My oldest daughter was a cheerleader for a few years, but now is
focusing on graduating high school & preparing her future. However she is very artistic. My
youngest Daughter, MaryLynn, is also artistic and very good with computers. I enjoy painting
w/them. I look forward to the day this mess is behind us & I can spend the day painting &
playing w/them again. Before I was thrown into prison I tried to spend as much time w/them as
I could; building memories. Painting, fishing, cooking, throwing the football, etc.
Once I’m free of this tyranny I plan to return to the ministry, continuing my livestreams &
podcasts, as well as my advocacy for freedom & patriotism. Not only online, but on the radio
as well. Furthermore, I intend on restarting my dog rescue. I wish to pursue my passions. I
enjoy serving people with the word of God as well as aiding Gods creation. I’ve called the
ministry, “Book of Life Ministries” and my dog rescue went through it as well, “Book of Life Dog
Rescue.” I put many of my sermons online as well as videos of working with animals. My News
& Freedom podcasts/Livestreams online were a lot of fun. I am passionate about politics, Truth,
news & science so those shows were an outlet to share those with the world. Additionally, I
have several videos online of me painting, singing & playing harmonica, as well as being
outdoors in the wilderness. If you so wish you can find all the online content through my
website (in the signature line of this letter. ) I have produced a ton of content promoting Jesus,
patriotism , the fight for J6 justice, and glimpses of my life, across countless platforms, venues,
& social media locations. I have lived my life very publicly for almost a decade. I went to
college for Anthropology, so I have used public platforms to share an anthropological glimpse
of myself. The political persecution we’ve had to endure the most recent years definitely
dominated the content of my outlets. I tirelessly promoted & advocated for all the J6 victims,
exposed the true footage & stories of that day & the ensuing injustices, as well as trumpeting
the tenets of Liberty & Freedom to anyone willing to listen. The powers that be wish to turn
patriotism & individual liberties illegal. This is why I referenced the story of Shadrach,
Meschach & Abednego from the Book of Daniel a lot. I see it as a reflection of our nations
current affliction.

Until our Lord allows us to speak again I hope He warmly embraces you in His bossom
and blesses you & yours with abounding mercies & grace, through Christ Jesus in whom is our
hope. Also, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

Peacefully and Patriotically,
Joseph “Pi” Thomas Revelation 2:10
Hostage #47187-509
www.Sing4Freedom.us Ephesians 3:14
“These are the times that try men’s souls.” – Thomas Paine

Joseph Thomas

📬 Joseph Thomas
FCI Memphis
Federal Correctional Institution
PO BOX 34550
Memphis, TN 38184

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Has been serving sentence for 126 days.

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