Reed Christiansen

7 Dec 2023 Thurs

Dear Barbara,

Thank you for taking the time to write. It is nice to know that there are good Americans who understand and are motivated to push back against the injustice and lies being pushed in this town. I have followed politics since I could read (I’m now 65), but I was still surprised at the lies and corruption here in Washington DC

I like your description of the patriots in the Capitol as “and unplanned tour”.  My next door neighbor in cell #10 called his experience in the Capitol as a “ rowdy museum tour”. For his part in the tour he received a 41 month sentence. We have just received word that he was placed in a federal prison with a murderer as a cellmate. Yup, that sounds like traditional American justice to me. The employees of the diligent DOJ must be proud.

Thanks for mentioning the Christmas project. It’s good to know there are people who care about what is going on. I think the great thing about that is they try to help the families of the dads who cannot be there. BTW, there is a copy of the “Screwtape Letters”  on the shelf here. I enjoyed reading it again.

I enjoyed the quotes and inspirational thoughts, especially the one about us asking God to change our situation. I take it from the quotes which talk about Christ and your comment about being Jewish, that you are what is sometimes called a “Messianic Jew”. I think that is so cool that you have that heritage and have found your Messiah. What a tremendous thing to have as you read the Bible’s promises to the children of Israel.


Reed K Christiansen

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