Kyle Fitzsimons

Dec 15, 2023

Dear Barbara,

Merry Christmas to you! Oh that was a great advent packet, again, Latin. I had no idea of the root of the name for the season. He is coming in deed! Barbara, it was never lost to me that Epiphany fell on January 6. It closes the Christmas holiday. Some men in DC were astounded that a holiday of that name also was on the calendar for that day.      I wanted to tell you that I got the first mailing of Magnificat. I remember you saying to expect a periodical of this sort and I am going to assume this booklet is from my friend Barbara. It actually comes at a great time for me as I have been avoiding mass lately. I will be honest and say that this is a sort of spiritual test and right now I’m struggling. When I arrived here the opportunity to be in a congregation with song and music was so welcome. The trouble came when one of my friends stopped attending services after that associate of his went home. I asked why and he pointed out someone and the very disturbing nature of his charges and that he couldn’t bring himself to offer the sign of peace and shake hands with the person. As a father, when I heard the reason I too got angry and shared the same loathing of sharing a space with the person too. So, this seems a lesson in the Christian tenant of “Judge not…“  But I am not sure how I get over this. I’m unsure I can. The daily prayers in the booklet will be a healthy practice of faith while I deal with this dilemma.    So my vocational training course in horticulture has begun this week, test on the first two chapters on Monday! We seeded some lettuce to put into a hydroponic system and harvested some four week old heads which we promptly cut into salad and ate right up!  At the Leather workshop I’ve been making little ID wallets for the other J6 guys on the compound. Michael Perkins just arrived after a way too long transit from DC.     Both my mother and father have come for a visit and my sister and her children are due for a visit when they come to Florida for Christmas. This will be the first time I get to meet my niece and nephew. My daughter Holly is as gorgeous as ever. I got a pretty picture of her in her Christmas dress and shoes twirling around. Barbara, this little girl wants make up for a gift! Oh no!     One of your letters said you were nearby when I sent my letter to WA, do you visit Florida often? I am loving the weather. The winter coats they issued are used more indoors than outside since the AC is still on!    I recently overcame an obstacle that was hampering me for a few months.  Upon arrival I was mandated (rejection could have had severe consequences!) to sign a Financial Responsibility Plan which would deduct money from my commissary account to repay the restitution and court fees from trial. The fines and fees had been paid in full before I even left the DC jail but the past few months have been a test of patience as repeated mailings and faxes of the receipt were ignored by the staff here. I finally had to march my own copy into an office of a different unit here for an alternative path. They took money from me anyway but at least it was cleaned up.  But… more troubling… it appears that I was ignored because of my charges. Some of the people who hold a great deal of control over my life here at Coleman have been VERY vocal about dislike of Trump and of January 6th’s events. Please pray that the staff here do not target me, I asked for prayers of protection, that this time go as quickly as possible with a little more drama. Maybe a steep ask? God Bless You Barbara, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you!  Thank you for the care you show me.

Kyle Fitzsimmons

Kyle Fitzsimons

📬 Kyle Fitzsimons
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