Ralph Celentano

April 18, 2024
Dear Barbara,

Happy Birthday to you!

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with family, love and laughs, I will
be 57 this Dec.
and yes I’m blessed to have such a loving and faithful wife, but it was not always that
way I was married twice before my wifes were not faithful to me or our familys, and I landed in
the arms of my first love from high school Jenny when high school ended her mother thought
we were to young to be so serious and we went our own ways, 14 years ago we ran into each
other at a memorial service for a mutual friend and have been together ever since, I have been
blessed with 6 Beautiful Children from my first two wives, my wife Jenny never married and
didn’t have children, my relationship with my children has been poisoned by their Mothers
because of my actions on Jan 6th but I have hope this may change one day, my children ages
range from mid 20s to mid teens I love them Dearly and have faith in Gods plan for me,
funny you mentioned learning something new & I always wanted to learn to play the
guitar, my brother had been playing in bands for decades and I was always to busy with work
and family to take the time to dedicate to learning how, and today I have my second lesson,
my Mother and father split up when I was very young and my brother and I were raised
mainly by my grandmother on my Mother’s side, my mother is still alive and my father passed
in Sep of 2018, I worked as a union Carpenter for 30+ years until I was injured on a job site in
NYC, in 2018 since then I have had 6 surgeries 2 knee one shoulder and three spinal my
recovery has been slow and makes it difficult to get around the prison and not having my
beautiful wife to help me wash my legs below my knees really makes living in prison hard but
that’s life I guess
I really enjoy your letters and hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are I do really
appreciate you taking time to write me and all the other J6ers it means the world to me and my
wife that we are in the thoughts of so many awesome people, you have my permission to share
my letters to anyone you would like to.
Yours truely
Ralph J Celentano
P.S. they can only lock up my body my spirit will always be free

Ralph Joseph Celentano III

📬 Ralph Joseph Celentano III
FCI Fort Dix
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 2000
Joint Base MDL, NJ 08640

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Has been serving sentence for 51 days.

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