“A Tale of an American Political Prisoner”

Part 17.1: The Federal Courthouse; Washington, DC

–The OathKeeper Sentencings Part 1–

by: Jessica Watkins (X: @J6ssicaWatkins)

A True Story; 100% verifiable with Courtroom Transcripts and Court Documents.

The day before our Sentencings were scheduled to begin, we had to first attend a Hearing to resolve the Motions that had been filed in opposition to the PSI/PSR. These motions attacked many of the notions of our Presentencing Investigation and the subsequent Report. Most of the Enhancements were so wrongly applied, that we wanted them to be removed prior to the Sentencings themselves. Once again, we were brought to the Federal Courthouse, and brought up into the Courtroom. My expectations when I walked in, was that that it would be a simple matter of the Judge ruling/for or against our various motions. When we walked into the Courtroom, I was stunned by the change of atmosphere. It wasn’t just that we were in our prison-orange jumpsuits. We were brought into the “Ceremonial Courtroom” which had paintings everywhere, and these little “Greek Judge” statues/busts behind the Judge. The entire Courtroom was wall to wall people (many of whom were journalists), and it seemed half of DC had come to watch. With them were the FBI Agents, Harry Dunn, Agent Lazarus and a number of others. The Courtroom was double wide, but only half long, so it made the entire thing have this strange feeling. Like we were sitting at one end of a long hallway, with an audience lining each wall. One member of that audience was Judge Mehta himself, with little Greek dudes surrounding him as he sat high up on his dais. I had the immediate sense that this Hearing was not going to be fun or routine. The Judge wasted no time. Judge Mehta would rule in favor of the Government for 100% of the Enhancements, bar none. He struck down EVERY motion, despite the relevance or the case law supporting them. He ruled that “even though I only deleted evidence that proved my innocence”… (removed myself from a chat room), and “…even though I preserved evidence that proved my guilt (phone with pictures, texts, and emails as well as body armor, helmet, clothing etc) that I should STILL be allowed to be Enhanced under “Obstruction of Justice” (make it make sense?). He ruled in favor of the Terrorism Enhancement, despite the fact we had no indication of a terroristic motive (ie. rescuing Police, stopping vandalism, obeying curfew, assisting the injured, etc). He ruled in favor of EVERY SINGLE ENHANCEMENT. Period. Dissecting those rulings would requite a transcript that I don’t have (I apologize).


It didn’t matter if we were being Enhanced for the actions of strangers (random people in the crowd we had never met – even on that day) or for conduct of which we were never charged or which we found NOT GUILTY (like Assault and Destruction of Property). It didn’t matter. The PSI and PSR were so badly biased that it was astonishing. All of this was exposed in our motions, but it didn’t matter. Judge Mehta ruled against them, and in favor of the Government for EVERY enhancement that there was. I looked over at Meggs, Harrelson, Caldwell and Rhodes and thought to myself. “Jesus. This guy is going to f*** us. Bigtime.” I wasn’t wrong. I like Judge Mehta, despite how everything transpired. I do. I genuinely believe that he is a good man. But, that being stated… he is a man (no gender commentary please!). And being human means just that. Humans are inherently flawed; I think that the events of Jan 6 have so irreparably biased him against the Defendants that were there, that he is completely unaware of his own bias against us (entirely subconscious, he tries to be fair). Because of this, he will never see J6 the way Conservatives do; through the lens of Democrat manipulation, Police Brutality, FBI/DOJ Corruption, False Flag Operation and Political predation. I can only presume, because Judge Mehta was appointed by President Obama himself, that he is himself a Liberal. Which means, he falls under the propaganda influence of the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and all the rest of the Mockingbird Media. I also think that having to drive past National Guard Checkpoints with rifles, razor wire, and up-armored Humvees for 4+ months on the way to work every morning, and on the way home every night has a psychological impact that cannot be understated. I have to wonder if Judge Mehta believes the propaganda that we “were the biggest threat to Democracy since the [insert here] War” After the Judge had struck down our motions (in something like 20-30 minutes he shot them all down) the Government lined up their Witnesses against us. The witnesses were Agent Lazarus – Nancy Pelosi’s personal bodyguard. Harry Dunn – who knows Nancy Pelosi well enough to follow her around, and take selfies with her. Officer Christopher Owens, who had been in the Senate Hallway. A Democrat Staffer under Nancy Pelosi. And last, but not least – the Chief of Staff for Nancy Pelosi. Detect a trend? To me, it felt like Nancy Pelosi was out to personally get us. (After all it was HER J6 Select Committee that had called us out by name).

The singular witness that didn’t know Nancy Pelosi was Officer Christopher Owens. He got up on witness stand and instantly started crying about the things he experienced on the Lower West Terrace (we were never there). Then he claimed he was beaten and peppersprayed in the Senate Hallway (even though the video shows that neither one ever happened. Nobody used any weapons or chemicals against Officers in the hallway) By invoking these images (half of which were irrelevant to us, and the other half weren’t true) Officer Owens demanded that the Judge Mehta “…put Mrs. Meggs in prison for as long as [he] possibly can!” The only problem was, Mrs. Meggs (Connie) wasn’t being sentenced that day. Her husband Kelly was. Worse than that, Kelly Meggs and Officer Christopher Owens had never been in the same room together before the Courtroom. It was ME that was in that Senate Hallway, and I never even touched the guy. I promise you, I was in a LOT more pain than he was, I had a broken arm/ribs and I got crushed and couldn’t breathe. Kelly Meggs had NOTHING to do with Officer Owens on J6. I was astonished. This Officer of the Law was here in our SENTENCING, crying about things that we never did (or even witnessed) or crying about things that never even happened (the video doesn’t lie)… and to top it all off, he wants the Judge to throw someone in prison for “the maximum allowable time” (20 years) and he doesn’t even know who he talking about! Neither Connie Meggs or Kelly Meggs ever did anything to him at any point. His testimony was shameless; listening to Officer Owens talk about being teargassed and peppersprayed “all day”, and then using that against us in our sentencing. Nobody in that Courtroom had ever used pepperspray or teargas at any point. It was as if he were holding us personally responsible for the ENTIRE event of January 6th. But, as long as Judge Mehta threw SOMEONE in prison for all of his real or imagined suffering, well… I guess that was good enough for him. And he wanted that punishment to be maxxed out. Yeah, no s***.

Next up was Officer Harry Dunn, who also cried shamelessly. He too complained about his suffering. This time he wasn’t being Cross Examined, so he was able to opine about things like racist comments, assaults by members of the crowd, all the suffering and PTSD he’s experienced since. (none of which was the fault of anyone in that Courtroom). He told us that he had to quit being a Capitol Police Officer, because just being at the Capitol was traumatic for him. He talked about having a “deep seeded fear” of white people, of Trump supporters, or of anyone wearing body armor… that he was losing sleep, or, “I am afraid of people wearing Red Hats at the Gas Station, wondering if they were at the Capitol that day…” and “…if they recognized him if they would murder him?” (yeah, his testimony was THAT gratuitous). I guess he forgot that white, body armor wearing Trump supporters rescued his life on January 6th (with his consent, according to his early FBI transcripts). And not just any white, body armor wearing, Trump supporters. THESE white, body armor wearing, Trump Supporters sitting in THIS Courtroom. These people; Kenny Harrelson and Kelly Meggs risked the ire of the crowd turning on them to rescue a Police Officer that was CLEARLY in distress. To rescue HIM. And this is the gratitude they recieved. Not only did he perjure himself at our trial, but now here he was… begging Judge Mehta to throw us in prison for the rest of our natural lives, so he could sleep better at night (maybe – no guarantees on that front). I swear, these people have no shame. Next up was Agent Lazarus, who would do the same… breaking down crying like a child, despite never experiencing any violence of any kind. It was the trauma of almost being traumatized that traumatized him. I recommend a therapy dog. Instead, he waved his finger at us, and also begged to throw us in prison for decades. He had never met us, never had any interaction with us. But, as far as he was concerned, his imagined suffering was enough to warrant our eternal damnation.

The last two witnesses were women. One was a Democrat Staffer that carried the box of ballots through the Rotunda, and the other was Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff. Unlike the burly male Officers, these petite sweet young ladies didn’t shed a single tear. They explained calmly how January 6th affected them, and then finished their testimony. But the fact that their testimony wasn’t a harrowing tale, they still wanted our Judge to throw our cumulative asses in prison – despite the fact that we had never been anywhere near either of these women at any point. We had never threatened them. They had been evacuated before we arrived. But, I have no doubt in my mind that they were there testifying against us on behalf of the former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. This concluded the Hearing. These 5 individuals, 4 of whom had direct ties to Nancy Pelosi , were begging the Judge to not just “throw the book” at us, but the entire damned library, and for crimes committed by other people on J6, and before we ever showed up. It was pathetic. You can say what you want about January 6th, fine. But I wouldn’t hold an innocent BLM supporter responsible for ARSON if they were half a mile away and on another street when the building was burned. This is the level of corruption and influence against us in our Sentencing. And I think Judge Mehta heard their words (lies) and was influenced unduly against us based on those fallacies. With the Government witnesses finished, we were brought back to the jail to await our individual sentencings. First up were Stewart Rhodes and Kelly Meggs, and the Staff at the DC Gulag would be paying rapt attention. They had something of their own cooked up for us.A Tale of A P