September 2023
Peter Schwartz
hello again! After I wrote that last letter, I realized how terribly depressing I must have sounded. And I am. I’m in a hopeless situation and I’ve been abandoned.

Then too, it’s increasingly harder to have casual and or uplifting conversations with my communications being so severely restricted. If I’m to ask you,” how are you feeling today susie?” , then by the time the letter gets to you two or three weeks later, you probably don’t even remember how you felt that far back. And if you do, then 3 weeks after that, when I get your response you can wait another 3 weeks to hear me say something like, “maybe a couple of aspirin would help that headache.”… about a headache you had, and recovered from, nine freaking weeks ago. Everything is pointless. And I don’t know if I’ll live long enough to finish this sentence. My parents won’t. Christmas of 2020 is the last time I saw them. Ironically, we discussed how the way the world is going, we all said that we didn’t know when or even if, we’d ever see each other again. But it took years, and now this complete abandonment, for it to sink in that that really was the last time I’d ever see them.

I do enjoy hearing your stories though. The dog stories and the football playing nephew. It isn’t practical for me to interactively discuss these things, but I like hearing about them. The stories make me momentarily happy because even though my life is over, I loved life, so I like hearing of others enjoying it.

Keep me in your prayers, please. Here’s the address and offic that deals with all the mail they don’t give me.
The office of the inspector general
US department of Justice investigations division
950 Pennsylvania avenue NW room 4706
Washington DC 20530

( tell everybody to contact it. they threw a lot of my mail away. Even birthday cards for my family!)

Peter Schwartz

Peter Schwartz

📬 Peter Schwartz
PO BOX 300
Waymart, PA 18472

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Has been incarcerated for 986 days

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