Howard Richardson 


Hi Barbara,

 Received your letter at the end of the day (14th). Yes I said that visits and letters always make it better for any and all of us. Just responding to your letter line by line. Recently I did speak with Linda, we were in shut/ lockdown for 2 weeks, only allowed out for showers! Yes we / all of us were being punished for what five or six individuals did! I will spare you the stupid details! So I had not spoken to her for a while. Trust me, there are rocks that function better than this place. Trump looks like he’s being persecuted but he’s actually emboldened. “What the enemy meant for evil he will turn for good”. Check Jeremiah 29:11. Let me tell you Barbara, for everyone here that is not a trump supporter, there are probably 10 that are! Next to the election fraud that cheated Trump is the covid-19 fraud! Whether you know the details of covid-19 or not, you know to some degree what a fraud it was and is! Keep up the good work! Your reference to corrie ten boom (sp?) was good to read. reminds me of Psalm 91. So thank you for that. I know your faith is strong and also know one can grow weary as he waits for Truth and Ultimate Victory! Check TPC4USA or epoch times or Tucker Carlson, revolver news, TGPnews,Telegram, the realj6sarah. All are online accessible. really liked your many references to God in his divinity. so many but e”agle and the snake”  stood out. “St Teresa of Avila” gives such peace. Rabbi J Sachs was inspiring. Also loved Can’t ,Fagor a Guest (sp?) .would you next time you write tell me more about yourself? where exactly in Washington are you? Have you lived there all your life? I almost went to Pasco for vacation, kind of in the middle of the state. Have you been to many places? Is your family mostly in washington? Etc. I’ve never been to Washington state. Actually only been to the West Coast once. That was Oakland, California back in 1971. Appreciate you thinking of me. Hope all your family, friends and neighbors know about me/ us. Remember I’m a political prisoner! We were definitely infiltrated and sabotaged. do this. go online and Mel Hawley. she has my testimony of what happened election night and January 6th. To solidify anything I’ve said onlrbwhat you know about me. Might want to contact Jeanne DeSilver, ##### ##### ####. Mention my name, tell her that Howard said “he has gotten so much info and details from you”. Ask what’s the best way that she can share that with you! The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph!

 God bless you always 


 PS I am an excellent health, praise god! Keep praying for me and Linda!!

Howard Richardson

📬 Howard Richardson
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. BOX 759

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Has been serving sentence for 418 days.

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