Kyle Fitzsimons

 June 11th 2023 

Dearest Barbara, 

Well, better late than never, yes? Thank you for writing me here at the DC jail. Right now I am hours away from sentencing. You mentioned your faith, being Catholic myself when I visited DC the day before January 6th – I stopped at The shrine of Pope John Paul II and offered prayers. And on Epiphany I suppose I became a bit of American history for better or worse. It has been a long strange trip these past 2.5 years and I’ve never left DC. Congress has visited three times and has had our vocals accompany Trump on a hit single – I’ve even been lucky enough to have folks put pictures I draw for them in a book. But I lost something important to me, lost the Life I lived prior.. my marriage is over, my home gone, business lost and I’ve lost precious time with my daughter during her most tender years.

 That is something I’ll always remember about January the 6th – how so many established people went to protest and how many ended up losing so much. I recently had the pleasure of reading a letter you sent to Peter Steger – we could tell based on the content that you were addressing Peter Schwartz – – – it’s okay – Stager knew right away who you intended it for. Remind me to keep you on my good side! 

Barbara, there is so little of worth I can send back to those on the outside who have involved himself in our lives while here in dc. Please accept these playing cards we use to pass the time with as a souvenir. You sometimes have to play the hand you’re dealt!

 God bless you for the care you’ve shown the men here. 

“Don’t give up the ship!”

Kyle Fitzsimons

 from the cells of the DC DOC

Kyle Fitzsimons

📬 Kyle Fitzsimons
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Has been incarcerated for 988 days.
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