Pete Schwartz
January 2nd, 2024

Hello, and thank you for the letter(s)! I’m going to try and explain a little bit about my situation. But first, I’d like to call your attention to a few things: Surely you remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? I read a great book, one that RFK Jr. recommended as the best book on JFK, (and surely he would know), called Unspeakable: JFK’s Death and Why It Matters. It’s eye opening! It talks all about the Bay of Pigs, and how it was the C.I.A. trying to instigate a war… and how, at one point; a pro-Castro activist (Kennedy’s assassin) and an anti-communist activist, ended up having a public debate. Shockingly, both were F.B.I. assets/C.I.A.

Then too, I’m sure you remember the “plot to kidnap governor Whitmer.” There’s an article online – I think it was July 20th, 2020 on BuzzFeed – that shows pictures. It took place in their Capitol Building, and you’ll be shocked to see that it looks like it could be Jan. 6th footage! People in para-military gear facing off with cops in the building, etc. It was the practice run for Jan. 6th. Oh…yeah…and too; 12 out of the 18 people involved in that just so happened to be F.B.I. agents and/or F.B.I assets.

The list of examples like this are endless. And January 6th is no different – other than the sheer NUMBER of Bad actors involved is staggering! It is – from start to finish – a government entrapment scheme. There’s real life, Special Agents… serving time, fighting for the spotlight as persecuted political prisoners, etc. There’s fed “assets”, who are “working off” worse sentences by doing Jan.6th. And there’s Antifa infiltrators too. There’s other bad actors too, but these are the majority of them, (one of these categories), and the easiest for you to understand – not being directly caught up in it yourself.

Now, enter: me. I’m a pretty regular guy, who’s somehow just happen-chanced into an uncanny amount of things I’m not supposed to have known or seen. I was present in NYC for 9-11, AND Jan6th. What are the odds? I travel the U.S. for a living as a pipe welder and, unremarkably – I know a LOT of people. From all walks of life too. People who work in the White House – to the most poverty-stricken – to working class folks, like myself.

I’m very street smart too, and so; mostly out of coincidences, partly out of curiosity, and now out of necessity: I’ve figured out who, and what, most of these bad actors are! I might not have even known with such certainty, had they not housed me with some of the worst of them 24/7 for 2 1/2 years! Even the best liars, (and believe me… these are PROFESSIONAL con-artists!!), can’t keep up with their lies and fake “back stories” for that long. One by one… in one way or another… these frauds slipped up and told on themselves.

I’m not cowardly, and I think that the people amongst us who were NOT bad actors needed to know who they were being housed with. So I called attention to the telling behaviors. I jeopardized their operation. And, knowing who was who in C2-B, I was able to view J6 video footage with an insightful advantage. I found the agitators, the instigators, etc. I noticed that the “small team operation” leaders all seemed to be wearing the yellow and black Gadsden patch. (The snake “don’t tread on me” logo.) I noticed too, that both the Proud Boys AND The Oath Keepers’ “colors” just so happened to be yellow & black also. Then I noticed “flaggers” directing the crowds to “breach points” with full sized Gadsden flags… and I unraveled the battle plan from there…

I’m obsessive/compulsive, (something that served me well in my career and in my theological studies), and having nothing to do in jail; I focused on figuring out who, and how, I was entrapped. They took my life from me. I wanted to know.

And the more I learned, and the more I spoke out; the harder they slandered me, fought with me, called me crazy, etc. Now they’ve sent me to a place where they’re hoping I’ll be killed. Most people in this prison have at least 5 murders.

And when they kill their cell-mates, have been kicked out of every other Maximum Security Penitentiary, etc: this is where they come. People in here laugh at me “only” having 14 years. The stabbings and violence here are beyond anything I’ve ever imagined. They send pedophiles and snitches here to be killed. (The cops tell inmates who, and they’re usually stabbed, in their faces, etc. that same day.) Because I’m neither one of these things, and by the grace of God, I’m still alive. But I’m certainly not “safe” here.

The grifters and Antifa continually cry “wolf!” to promote their GiveSendGo accounts, but they don’t have a CLUE what a real, Maximum Security Penitentiary is even like. I was in D.C. for 2 ½ years, and witnessed the EXTREMELY exaggerated, and even fabricated “abuses” that people were claiming to have suffered. That jail was by far the best jail experience I’ve ever had! Not just slightly better… but way better! Yet, still… I get letters from people telling me how lucky I am to not be in “the D.C. gulag”, and that other Jan.6’ers are in “TRULY bad places”.

Not even close to the truth. You know that; I see so many stabbings now that, when it happens at chow, it doesn’t even slow down my eating? I barely even notice it anymore.

The worst “abuse” I suffered in C2-B, in the D.C. jail, was the constant propaganda and attempts to “radicalize” us all that the bad actors bombarded us with. It was a psychological operation. (Psy-op.) The jail, and 95% of the guards there loved us, and treated us great! We even became friends with them… something particularly difficult for me, since I viewed them as my captors, and not innocent participants.

I just want to I want you to be aware of who you’re writing. I’m not some “patriot hero” that stood up for my country. (I did defend my wife, but that’s not heroic – that’s default.) I’m certainly not the criminal that they’ve embellished me to be. I’m not a puppet of Trump. I actually thought it was HIM who did what I want. I’ve been a conservative Christian long before he came on the scene, as a politician. And I’m not guilty of ANY of the things I’m accused of.

I’m nothing special. I’ve had a [mostly] good life and was on my way to an early retirement. I was entrapped and scapegoated by my own government. And, as I’m hoping on having a good spot in Heaven; I’m hoping that God will find a use for me – even if it’s just helping to untangle the web of lies surrounding this particular ploy of the Devil. (I’m hoping for a greater purpose, but I’m not great enough to deserve great tasks – so I’ll remain grateful if God uses me in AN fashion!)

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Pete Schwartz
USP Canaan
P.O. Box 300
Waymart, PA 18472

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