13 Dec 23

199 Days as a political prisoner

~136 days remaining

Dear Barbara,

I believe I have written you since I got out of the Hole, but if I haven’t, they let me out on Tuesday the 28th of November after 127 days. They then threw me into it again on the 8th and let me out on the 11th, saying the second of the two trips was a mistake. So my total time in the Hole is 131 days

Thank you for your continued prayers. I believe the prayers of God’s saints were instrumental in thwarting the attempt to have me “homicided by inmate” via transfer to jihadi prison.

I am glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving. I was in the Hole, but as you said, God was with me. Did you know that German soldiers in WWI wore belt buckles which said Gott Mrt Uns or God with us.

Again thank you for your kind offer of a Christmas present for me and my family, but God has been good to us. Please buy yourself something or a meal for a veteran near you. The prayers of Christians to free the J6ers is the only thing I want for Christmas.

I am not a winter person and truly dislike the cold and the shorter days. I am sorry for the loss of your husband and I’m certain he appreciates your visiting the cemetery on the day of your anniversary.

As far as your last question, “What does God will for you just now?” I don’t know for certain, and I have been praying for that a lot. There are many roads to travel and so I am mainly asking for God to revive me. God bless you, President Trump, and God bless America,

LTC Larry Brock

Political Prisoner

Springfield Gulag

Larry Brock

📬 Larry Brock
c/o Patriot Mail Project
PO Box 173
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Has been serving sentence for 362 days.

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