Yes, I would be most interested to see the previous parts of the message. This is the
kind of incredible thing that we do not get to see in here. Not exactly what CNN or Fox
like to cover…

A subsription to the Magnificat would also be greatly appreciated.. I already recieve Our
Daily Bread but not the Magnificat.

As for my release date, we will see. As I write this I am waiting to hear what arguments
at the Supreme Court say tomorrow. A case there could change things for guys with my
charge (1512 (C)). Barring any help from above this week, I’ll probably do close to
another year in here. Maybe the state of Florida will give me a generous stretch of home
confinement, but this is unlikely. Or maybe the BOP will place me in a “camp” (thats
white collar prison) as my paperwork says I should be in one but this is also probably
not going to happen.

Whatever happens, I remain unbothered. This will get fixed. We win in the end.

Nick Ochs

Nicholas Ochs

📬 Nicholas Ochs
FCI Butner Low
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. BOX 999
BUTNER, NC 27509

Has been serving sentence for 497 days.

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