The words don’t exist to describe the moment of gratitude for the thoughtfulness and time you have poured into your letter.

Your words are so uplifting and filled with truth that even though I’ve read your letter at first ten times my eyes will with fresh tears every time I read it again.

I have lost everything of this world to our cause. My wife and I were in the process of adopting an infant born addicted to drugs from his homeless mother and the state illegally snatched him from our home because of this. My wife, became so broken hearted over this that she has divorced me. I have lost everything yet I have gained so much more in the process.

I have been freed of all the encumbrances of the world and am now free to focus 117% of my attention on our fight for the restoration of this Country and the furtherance of God’s Kingdom. My heart could very easily and rightly be filled with hatred and bitterness over this but quite the opposite is true. My heart is filled with love and peace. Instead of thinking ill of and hating my oppressors. I feel nothing but love for them. If I will ever be of any help to them, I would in a heartbeat. I wish nothing but peace and prosperity for them and their families. In fact, our fight is just as much for them as it is us. God has granted me absolute peace and contentment. I thank him and all of you for your prayers that brought me this peace.

I may currently be physically imprisoned, I assure you I am freer than I have ever been. I am currently spending my time in confinement educating myself and preparing for the next chapter in my life. Upon my release, I plan on entering the political arena, so please pray that God will continue to put the proper material in front of so that I can learn and that he will guide my tongue to be an effective communicator of Unity, Truth and Freedom.

Thank you and God Bless



Aka Matthew Webbler

P.S. Please post this response on PMP. It is important that we all share this experience. Thanks.

Matthew Jay Webler

📬 Matthew Jay Webler
FCI Edgefield
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. BOX 725
Edgefield, SC 29824