Hope it’s going well. I’m hanging in there myself. Ryan S. was moved from Lewisburg. Not sure his status. My sentencing is on June 1st. Praying for some mercy.

Little Wolfie looks so cute in that photo. My fiancé got a little shirt for our Chihuahua that says: “Adorable Deplorable. “

Just trying to read a lot of books to pass the time. It seems to be working.

Really glad to see that Congress is making headway with the Biden family and Hunter’s laptop. Just one more thing the Orange Man was right about. Add it to the list. Got to give credit to James Comer.

I finally got to see that J6-American Gulag book. It has a letter I wrote to you in it. It was cool to see. Just trying to keep my head up and pray for the USA! Always good to hear from you! God bless you!

Your friend & fellow patriot!
Barry Ramey

By God we’ll have our home again!

Barry Ramey

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