Jessica Watkins, an Oath Keeper, who life was dedicated to help other people, did just that on January 6th. Despite lack of evidence and fabricated prosecution narrative, Jessica has been in jail at the DC Gulag since 1/18/21. Jessica was featured in the book The American Gulag Chronicles – Letters from Prison, on pages .24, 25, 26, 86, 87, 102, 103. An avid writer, this J6er used the long hours of pretrial detention to write a five-hundred-page novel which hopefully will be published in the very near future. The trial was a travesty of justice as expected. All trials returned guilty verdicts with the exception of one. Joseph Thomas got some of his charges dismissed and he will go to appeal for the others. Jessica fortunately was not found guilty of seditious conspiracy unlike Stewart Rhodes and Kelly Meggs who themselves did not commit this crime either.

Remember, it is not about the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, Joseph Thomas or many others. It is about building a case against President Trump. J6ers are collateral damage in the process. Remember if they arrested J6ers, then President Trump, you are next if you do not comply. #Justice4J6 #politicalprisoners

This is the reason J6PatriotNews will continue reporting about these miscarriages of justice in Biden America while Hunter Biden goes free.

My whole life has been a struggle to find my place in the world, and to make it mean something to my country, community, and my fellow Americans. Whether that service is combat duty in Afghanistan, committing innumerable rescues and delivering a baby as medic in the Fire Department, or protecting businesses and helping the injured during the George Floyd riots in 2020, my life has been one of service. This was what brought me to our nation’s capital on January 6th, 2021.
The events of 2020 were tumultuous. Attacks on Trump supporters and Conservatives, by Antifa and Far-Left violent extremists, were only escalating, as our American way of life hung in the balance. So, I once again shouldered my Medic bag, donned my gear, and stepped into the street to protect the innocent. Little would I know; my volunteerism would land me an 8.5-year prison sentence.
On January 5th and 6th, my duty as a volunteer medic would land me a gig protecting Conservative VIP’s, personalities such as Roger Stone, General Michael Flynn, Alex Jones, Podcaster personalities, and even Congressmen and women. It was an honor of my lifetime. We had a permit, a stage, and we had a definitive plan to escort our VIPs from the Trump Speech at the White House Ellipse, and to escort them safely to deliver speeches at Area 8 on the grounds of the United States Capitol. We executed that plan on schedule and without consequence. It was all routine. But when we arrived at the Capitol, everything changed.

With the events of January 6th unfolding in real-time, how were we to know anything would be amiss? The crowd had occupied the front steps of the Capitol, just as the brochure said they would. So we joined them, sang our National Anthem and filmed the festivities. Then we went up onto the landing and made a decision that would change our lives forever. The door was open, the crowd flooded inside, and we foolishly followed. There was no violent clash. No injured Police. In fact, there were no Police at all. They had already gone. And so, we went inside.
During my mere 23 minutes inside, and I became swept up with the protest. An election was stolen from the American people, and today our voices were going to be heard. We only wanted to exercise our 1st Amendment, peacefully and respectfully. I lost track of my purpose – as a medic – and joined the crowds. I chatted and chanted. I stopped vandalism and enjoyed the artwork. It was a glorious American moment. That is, until it wasn’t.
The protesters had moved down a hallway, and we continued to chant slogans. The Police stood at the end of the hallway, blocking further encroachment. So, the crowd stood back and continued to chant. Without warning the dozen or so Police Officers attacked the front of the crowd, attempting to push hundreds of people through a narrow opening. It was a futile effort, and the crowd panicked, surging forward. We were trapped, terrified, and in pain. We couldn’t move. When the Officers used pepper spray the crowd began to disperse. I ran as quickly as I was able. That was not why I came to The People’s House! It had gone too far. I was angry with the Officers. Why didn’t they tell us to leave? Why did they attack us at all? We were just standing there; nobody was causing any problems. People protest in Capitol buildings all the time, why were we treated like that? My mind raced, and so I went off to find my friends.
After finding my way into the Rotunda, I searched for others. Soon I found them, and we waited for one to recover from the pepper spray. As his asthmatic condition worsened, my medic brain kicked in, and I decided we needed to go. Clearly, we were no longer welcome nor permitted to be there. I put the injured man in my shoulder, found a Police Officer, and asked him for directions to the exit. We dragged the injured man to the exit, left and made no attempt to return.
Once outside, I began to render aid to the others who were also injured. I dragged another patient to the Ambulances. The curfew had been set, and so after less than an hour on the premises, we left Capitol Grounds. It was over. During our return to our vehicles, we had a polite encounter with Law Enforcement and rescued a Trump supporter that was being beaten by Black Lives Matter activists. We returned to our hotel, ate Chinese food, and discussed the events of the day. And what a day it had been, indeed. A day that would ruin my life forever.

Eleven days later I was in Federal custody. “This is all a big misunderstanding”, I thought. All I did was trespass, right? Why is everyone equating my actions to 9/11 or Pearl Harbor? Why are people calling me a racist? A terrorist? My charges were wild, Conspiracy, Obstruction of an Official Proceeding, Destruction of Government Property, Impeding Officers during a Civil Disorder, Knowingly Entering and Remaining on Capitols Grounds, and Conspiracy to Injure and Maim Police Officers. The last two charges were dismissed, inexplicably for why I had been charged at all. I never conspired to maim Police! I Back the Blue! The Grand Jury agreed and dropped the charge. I was denied bond, wrongfully accused of Damage inflicted to the Capitol Doors. I didn’t touch the door, let alone damage it! “Terrorist! ” the prosecutor yelled, wagging his finger. The Judge agreed, I was a menace to society. A threat. Deemed unworthy of freedom, and so I remained incarcerated. I spent 279 days in Solitary Confinement. Hope faded, but I helped start a tradition. Every night, me and the other J6 prisoners began to sing our National Anthem. It reminded us who we were. It kept our love for America alive, while out government mistreated us without mercy. We sang anyway.
A year came and went. The Democrats celebrated the anniversary of January 6th joyfully, while the cast of Hamilton sang mournful songs of unity in the halls of Congress. Meanwhile, Republicans held a press conference outside, asking hard questions. “Who is Ray Epps?” or “Why is J6 called an Insurrection, when nobody is charged with Insurrection or Sedition?”. Five days later, I was charged with Seditious Conspiracy. The questions went away, and Republican members of Congress were brow-beaten into silence. I knew I was innocent, but it didn’t matter. The narrative had been written, and the Mainstream Media and J6 Select Committee bragged about my charges with unbridled delight.
As trial grew closer, my fear increased. The prosecution bragged, proclaiming to the nation that they were seeking to put me in prison for Life without the possibility of Parole. As the prosecution sought to throw me in prison for life, I contemplated ending it. My mental health completely failed. Depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation consumed my daily existence as trial drew nearer. The DC Juries were batting 1000. No J6 Defendant had been acquitted of even a single charge.
When trial began, I couldn’t believe the audacity of the prosecution! Every day was a new fallacy. They fabricated evidence, falsified testimony in government documents, threatened our witnesses, cropped-chopped-and-edited video, audio and text messages. And day in, and day out, for two months of trial, the FBI and DOJ colluded and perjured themselves. “This is a big joke!”, I thought. Every hair brained, crack-pot conspiracy theory the prosecution spun, we categorically disproved. But they wouldn’t quit. Seditious Conspiracy was their crown jewel.

For three days the Jury deliberated, but finally they had a verdict. I was found Not Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy, nor of Destruction of Government Property! I faded out, nearly fainting in my chair from the stress. My attorney hugged me, but I was numb. My ears rang. I knew I was innocent, and the Jury agreed! Each of my codefendants were acquitted of multiple charges. But two were found Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy, despite exposing all the lies of the Prosecution and FBI. My heart sank for them. One was Kelly Meggs, who had rescued Officer Harry Dunn and helped Police to evict protesters from the building. A gentle man, a grandfather and Patriot. The other was Stewart Rhodes, who never entered the building nor instructed others to do so. His exact words were, “You went inside? That was stupid.” How Seditious! I didn’t even know he was there that fateful day. We were all found Guilty of Conspiracy, Obstruction of an Official Proceeding and Conspiracy to Obstruct an Official Proceeding. I was also found Guilty of Impeding Officers, for the clog in the Senate Hallway.
I was held without Bond pending Sentencing. For six months I waited. “It will be OK”, I thought. “People who attacked and injured Police have been getting sentenced to 3-5 years. I didn’t do anything like that!” How wrong I was. The prosecution rolled right past my acquittals and sought an 18 year prison sentence. My mental health evaporated, and I contemplated suicide once more. I just wanted to go home.

Kelly Meggs and Stewart Rhodes were sentenced the day before me. They received sentences of 12 and 18 years, respectively. I was terrified. The Judge ruled in favor of the Prosecution, 100% of the way, handing me a terrorism enhancement, while systematically ignoring every alibi and acquittal. He calculated a total of 210 months in prison but handed down a sentence of 102 months. So, I was facing 8.5 years, with only 2.5 years served. I am facing more than another half decade behind bars, while others go home. To this day, I am ranked #5 of the harshest J6 Sentences handed down.
People who committed vandalism, stole property, assaulted Police Officers, brought deadly or dangerous weapons, and made threats were given half the sentence I received; on average 4 years. I stopped vandalism, assaulted no one, and helped the injured. Now I am facing 8.5 years. I will appeal.

My name is Jessica Watkins, and I was an Oath Keeper defendant. I was wrongfully charged with crimes I did not commit. I lost everything: business, home, car. As a transgender woman, I would rather wear a nice dress than kevlar. But my country called, and I answered. So, I put on my gear, stepped into the street, and did what felt necessary. I felt a duty to protect the innocent, and to help the injured. I love my country. I only wanted my voice to be heard. My grievances for a fraudulent 2020 election to be redressed. America means the world to me. More than most will ever know. And this has been my reward.

Jessica Watkins
from the DC Gulag

Jessica Watkins

📬 Jessica Watkins
Correctional Treatment Facility
1901 D St. SE
Washington DC 20003

Incarcerated since 1/17/2021
or 885 days.

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